**ARC REVIEW** ~ Bloodlust Denied, by Christina Phillips

Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance

Adult/18+ read

Bloodlust denied

Tired of the thin-blooded aristocrats in 1815 London, Alexius yearns for better sport. He is drawn to a dark-haired seductress who shows no fear and refuses to obey his commands. Entranced by such novelty, he denies his bloodlust and decides to keep her to warm his bed.

Immortal vampire hunter Morana has never mistaken her prey before, but the dark stranger mesmerizes her, enticing her to forget everything but the dangerous pleasure she finds in his arms.

Neither one can deny the pull of the other, but there is something beyond the lust—a recognition neither can put a name to. The past and present collide and unless they discover the truth behind the lies, Death will triumph once more.

My Review


A stunning tale of a love that transcends time

Christina Phillips writes such sinfully seductive romances and she has excelled herself in an erotic paranormal romance, Bloodlust Denied, set in Regency London. This exquisitely erotic tale is an original take on the vampire myth. In it the vampire slayer Morana meets the ancient and powerful vampire. Alexius. This plot has a twist however, for Morana, who has never before failed to recognise and annihilate her prey, believes him to be human, a mere mortal who she is attracted to unlike no other. Alexius too becomes equally entranced and for once is able to set his bloodlust aside to quench his growing obsession for this mysterious woman.

The novel is full of smoking hot scenes, where a dominant Alexius attempts to bend Morana to his will and compel her to satisfy his every whim. The sexual acts are many and varied and Alexius is one alpha vampire, determined to dominate Morana as she becomes captive to his lusts! Yet who is enslaving who in this scorching read? Why does their connection feel so strong? Also who is the mysterious Thanatos who has a special bond with Morana, a bond that Alexius abhors? The truth must out before it is too late for their HEA.

Here and there the language is explicit: it is after all an erotic romance, but the author’s prose also borders on the poetic, in how beautifully she reflects the thoughts and the emotions of the hero and heroine. The characters and plot mesh together seamlessly and transported me to another place and time, allowing me into their heads and hearts. I felt their every emotion and was with them every step of the way as the plot unfolded and the extent of their connection and the impact of another’s lies and betrayal revealed itself. I loved it!

Readers of erotic paranormal romance will love this read as will those who are fans of erotic historical romances.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

An ARC of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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Christina Phillips has always loved things that go bump in the night and as a young teen was hooked on watching the old Hammer Horror movies on TV. While she doesn’t remember thinking vampires back then were hot and sexy, there was definitely a thread of naughtiness weaving its way through her overheated imagination. Necking took on a whole new meaning 🙂

She loves writing dark tales of tortured vampires, tough arsed warriors and bad boy contemporary heroes who are brought to their knees by their heroines. However, in real life if a vampire ever loomed from the shadows to do unspeakable things to her she would likely die of fright.

Christina lives in sunny Western Australia with her family. She is also owned by three cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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