**Review** ~ The Point of Evil, Point Vamp: Book 4, by Victoria Blisse

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Adult/18+ Read

Point vmp

Book Blurb

Blood and sex were all he ever wanted until love gave him something worth living an eternity for.

Steve—who had been a womanizer in life and was even more so in death—prowls the Point using his vampiric wiles to get the blood and sex he craves. He’s always looking for his next meal and when he sees a tall, curvy beauty with a red scarf around her neck, he thinks he’s found it.

Eloise is different—she’s shy and needs encouragement, and Steve just can’t get her out of his mind. He has to take his time, get to know her and slowly seduce her. When she disappears, leaving only a note begging him not to pursue her further, he can’t help himself and ends up in the service of George Aquino, a vampire crime boss with a penchant for twisted and cruel torture and a dungeon full of prisoners.

A daring rescue, a difficult choice and love against the odds. Do you dare visit the point of evil?

The Point Vamp series

What is The Point? It is the hottest club in town for both Vampires and humans alike. It has a large dance floor and a bar like any other club but once you disappear behind the VIP only door you find out what makes The Point so unique. Sex, blood and lust all behind closed doors and only accessed by the chosen ones.

Now, you become a chosen one and get to see the sexy world behind that door.

Welcome to The Point.

My Review

  A Tale of Lust, Love and Sacrifice

**** Four Fangtastic Stars!

This is the first book that I have read by the author and I must say that I loved the vampires at The Point from the off. They are not monsters like many amongst their kind as they rein in their need for blood, only taking what they need. They do require some blood however (not to mention the hot sex that goes with it!) and the club is therefore the ‘go to’ place for humans who want the steamiest of vampire liaisons without putting their lives on the line!

The character Steve undergoes some character growth in the course of the story. As a human he was very much a man whore and is even more so since he has become a vamp, addicted to blood and sex. When he meets the mysterious and vulnerable Eloise at the club, his insta lust filled attraction soon grows into something more. So much so that when he receives her note imporing him not to pursue her he decides to go after her regardless of the consequences……..

And boy what consequences! The read takes us into the lair of a notorious vampire crime boss, who represents all that Steve and those at The Point oppose. There are scenes of blood, violence and torture as Steve enters the world in which Eloise is forced to endure and it is touch and go whether they will survive.

Recommended for readers who love sizzling vampire reads!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note that a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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