**REVIEW** ~ Goddess, by Kelee Morris

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Adult/18+ Read



Book Blurb

Wife, mother, PTA president… Sex Goddess?

For Julia Nelson, it was only a faded tattoo, almost forgotten, like the sex-charged dreams that inspired it some 20 years ago.

For renowned, rugged-sexy archeologist Dr. Ashland Stewart, it was his greatest discovery, the sacred emblem of an ancient goddess culture.

Two symbols, eons apart, yet exact duplicates. It must be a coincidence. But when Julia and Ashland meet, their connection is instantaneous, powerful, erotic.

Julia’s suburban life is safe and comfortable. She has everything to lose.

Ashland’s world is remote archeological digs and flings with younger women. He’s sexually free but emotionally guarded.

Ashland awakens Julia’s long buried inner goddess with breathtaking passion and insatiable desire.

But their sexual adventure becomes increasingly perilous as their emotional barriers crumble. Will Julia risk falling in love and soaring to new heights, or will she return to her earthbound responsibility to her family? 

My Review

I Loved It! ~ 5 Sizzling Stars!

Oh my goodness! On reachng the end of Goddess, by Kelee Morris, I need the next instalment now please! This a sizzling and emotionally charged read and I recommend it to romance readers who are looking for an erotic read with strong characters and an engaging story line.

Goddess is an adult read, not just on account of its sexy and heated erotic scenes but also due to its mature theme of marital infidelity which is pivotal to the plot. The theme is brought into even sharper focus due to the fact that the heroine Julia has three children with her husband. My emotions were torn: should Julia ignore the once in a lifetime attraction between her and the drop dead gorgeous  Dr Ashland, and remain with her husband for the sake of her marriage and children, or should she act on the simmering attraction which exists between them? The novel is cleverly written, for as a reader, I felt as conflicted as the heroine. Emotionally I was with her every step of the way and it made for a compelling read.

I’ll make no bones about it, Dr Ashland Stewart is damned hot, a fact that Julia, who unexpectedly finds herself working in the University’s Archeology Department, immediately notices. She tries to keep the brooding Archeology professor at arms length, well aware that he has for many years been mourning the death of his wife and indulging in numerous shallow affairs with younger women. At first he appears to be equally stand offish, but it soon becomes clear that it is not just the mysterious tattoo on Julia’s ankle (which represents the ancient symbol of a goddess cult unearthed by Dr Ashland on a recent dig) he is drawn to, but Julia the woman….. Attraction sparks between them and will not be denied, despite the fact that Julia has everything to lose. The love making scenes between them are hot and inventive which contrasts with Julia’s stable but stale marriage.

Julia is way different to Ashland’s usual conquests. She is not only older but she pulls him towards her like no other and there is also the mystery of the goddess symbol.  As a younger woman Julia experienced carnal dreams which featured the symbol, but was ignorant of its true meaning. Will her work for Dr Ashland reveal the truth about her connection to the symbol and can she sacrifice what she has for an unknown future?

This page turning read is full of passion and mystery and contains some highly erotic scenes. The book ends on somewhat of a cliff hanger and I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment to continue the Goddess story!

Reviewed by Tina Williams.

Please note a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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4 thoughts on “**REVIEW** ~ Goddess, by Kelee Morris

  1. Kelee Morris says:

    Thanks for the beautifully written review. I’ll ask Ashland to cross the pond and stand under the mistletoe for you.

  2. Kelee Morris says:

    Reblogged this on Kelee Morris and commented:
    A beautifully written review by Tina Williams!

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