*REVIEW* ~ East to West, by Lolita London

Erotic Historical Romance/Historical Erotica/Western Romance

Adult/18+ read

East to West

Book Blurb

A letter in the mail, a hurried kiss goodbye, and a long train ride to her new life marks the end of Mary’s childhood.

When Mary Gray is informed she’s been selected to be a mail order bride, she’s reluctant to say the least – and not just because she has to leave her old life behind to marry a man she’s never met.

What she finds – or rather, what she doesn’t find – when she gets off the train surprises her. Her husband is nowhere to be found, and she’s informed that she’ll be living by herself until her fiance is finished overseeing a harvest.

To pass the time, she gets a job as a local schoolteacher… but a dangerous flirtation with her eldest student, Tom, threatens to end her marriage before it begins.

What she doesn’t know is Tom isn’t the man he seems to be… and she’ll find out just how little she knows about the man she’s marrying when they finally meet face to face.

This book contains explicit sex scenes and is for mature readers only.

My Review

Sweet and naughty read where the teacher becomes the pupil! 4 stars

East to West is a very naughty story in which two young lovers explore the delights of pleasure and pain and dominance and submission (in fact the heroine gives as good as she gets)! It is a fun and erotic read and contains scenes of spanking and masturbation.

I really liked how it starts off as a seemingly sweet tale, where the heroine Mary, a young woman inexperienced with the opposite sex, opts to be a mail order bride. She wants to escape the unhappy memories she has of Boston, where her parents recently died, and forge a new life for herself out West. As soon as Mary takes the train from the city to travel East to Oakford we start to get a hint here and there of her inner sensuality, which sets the tone for the read!

On arrival she is met by her future mother-in-law, who informs her that her husband (a controlling patriarch) has decreed that Mary cannot join them on their farm and marry their son until the harvest is over. Mary is left to fend for herself in town, but manages to secure lodgings and a job as a school teacher.

Almost immediately Tom, a new older student, appears and starts to flirt with her. Mary is taken aback by this unorthodox attention and finds the situation difficult to handle. Tom is mightily persistent however and she becomes, shall we say, putty in his very experienced hands, and the teacher becomes his dutiful student…. Yet what will happen when Mary gets called to the home of her fiancé? Will her exploits with  Tom get noticed by the ultra conservative townsfolk, relegating the new teacher to the position of town harlot? I was entertained throughout by this read and enjoyed the twist in the tale!

I loved the character of Tom, a handsome and virile young man with seduction on his mind. It was the women in this story who stole the show or me though, as they are so strong willed and spirited – Mary, Annie (the other school teacher) and even Mary’s landlady, the elderly Mrs Lester.

Recommended for readers who enjoy an erotic read (particularly lovers of spanking scenes) set in the old West!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Pease note, an ARC of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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