** REVIEW ** ~ Defaced: A Dark Romance Novel (The Monster Trilogy Book 1), by Marissa Farrar

Dark Romance/Suspense

Adult/18+ Read


Book Blurb

Hidden away from society by his criminal father, there lives a man who has never entered the outside world. Now, having taken over his father’s business, he has all the money and power he could dream of, yet still he refuses to let himself be viewed by the rest of society.

Traumatised by an event in her past, Lily Drayton has a phobia of being touched. Though she helps people externally with her skills as a laser therapist, she refuses to let anyone in, emotionally or physically. When Lily is kidnapped on the way home from work one evening, she discovers she’s not the only person who keeps themselves cut off from the rest of the world.

A man owns her now—a man both dangerous and enigmatic. Drawn by his dual beauty and hidden pain, he awakens something inside her, something she believed was long dead. Brought to a room without windows, she’s given an impossible task: to make her owner acceptable to the outside world.

Can altering his face change who he is as a man, or is he truly a monster, both inside and out?

My Review ~ Five stars

Dark, Conflicted and Sizzling

Defaced, the first book in Marissa Farrar’s The Monster Trilogy is a dark and beautiful love story of two damaged souls who come together in extraordinary circumstances. It has elements of beauty and the beast, but it is a fairy tale for adults only as it contains scenes of abduction, human trafficking, violence, abuse and its aftermath. It also has blistering erotic scenes between the hero and heroine. It is the first book that I have read by the author and as I’m a dark romance junkie I one clicked this read as soon as I read the plot!

The author pairs Monster, a man who conceals his physical appearance from the world, with a woman who has her own demons. Lily has a phobia of human touch, beyond the physical contact she needs to make with her patients as part of her job as a laser therapist. Yet Monster needs Lily’s skills and she finds herself abducted and brought to his home……. Monster has prepared carefully for Lily’s abduction and thinks that he knows all that there is to know about her….

I found the scenes where Lily is abducted particularly brutal and the author does a fantastic job of showing us how terrified Lily is. The methods Monster employs to ‘persuade’ Lily to use her skills to alter his appearance are also difficult to contemplate, but make for an addictive psychological read. Their romance is a slow burn, for although they are attracted to each other from the off, there are a host of internal conflicts they both face due to their traumatised pasts.

I was on tender hooks waiting to see if Lily could  have a future with a criminal as cold, calculating and ruthless as Monster. Could he be the man of her dreams or is he a true monster? Also is there a place for Lily in Monster’s life, as he takes up the mantle left by his deceased father?

I admit Monster is the sort of hero that I love, a dominant tortured alpha, and bringing together Monster with Lily was a masterstroke by the author. The read, which has plenty of emotional depth, is full of sexual tension, hot love-making, danger and suspense.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Lily and Monster’s unorthodox romance!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

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