**ARC REVIEW** ~ Taken by the Billionaire, by Christina Phillips, Mel Teshco and Cathleen Ross

Contemporary Erotic Romance

(A collection of Stepbrother Romances)

Adult/18+ read

Taken by the Billionaire

A Scorching Stepbrother Collection ~ Five stars!


In Taken by the Billionaire, a collection of novellas from Christina Phillips, Mel Teshco and Cathleen Ross, three sisters, Gabi and twins Izzy and Chrissy are in turn taken by their very own Jericho brother Dexter, Max and Tom. Each couple has a very different story to tell, but all three reads contain a mouth-watering combination of scorching sexual tension, toe curling passion and sassy and sexy dialogue!

It is my first foray into the world of stepbrother romances and it is one hot read! The concept has a deliciously deviant taste of the forbidden about it, adding to the sensuality and eroticism of each romance. Each book works well as a standalone but as they are interlinked I think that they are best read in order.

Here’s the book blurb and you can scroll down to read my review of each romance in turn. Tina 🙂

Book Blurb

He’s forbidden…and he’s her every wicked fantasy

Ravished by the Billionaire by Christina Phillips

Dexter Jericho has it all – wealth, good looks and women falling at his feet. The last thing he wants is his little stepsister working in his London casino – until he meets her again. Because now Gabriella is all grown up and sexy as hell, and he can’t keep his hands off her. There’s only one problem – she might be a corporate spy, in which case he’ll keep her close and seduce her secrets from her.

Gabi’s had a crush on her stepbrother for as long as she can remember, and he’s finally noticed her. His scorching kisses and talented tongue make her forget this is a forbidden romance. Until she discovers the truth for his sudden interest and realizes his dirty little secret – is her.

My Review

What can I say? Dexter Jericho, who runs the London based casino for the family business, is one sexy alpha male billionaire used to getting what he wants in and out of the bedroom. However, as soon as spies Gabi in his office he decides that all he wants is his little stepsister who has grown into a highly desirable woman! For the inexperienced Gabi, Dexter’s attention is like a dream come true and they embark on an illicit affair.

Dexter also has another motive in keeping Gabi close, as he fears that a corporate spy is in the midst. However, he soon finds that the closer he gets to the real Gabi the longer he wants her with him. Yet when Gabi’s trust is shattered by his actions what future can there possibly be for them? Also how would their family, not to mention the press react, to a stepbrother/stepsister combo?

I really enjoyed Dex’s and Gabi’s romance. Neither character is what the other expects and they have plenty of surprises in store for them, which Christina Phillips reveals in her own inimitable style! The author also does an excellent job of combining sexual tension with smoking hot erotic love-making scenes which makes for a fabulous romantic read.

Punished by the Billionaire by Mel Teshco

Isabella wants no part of the Jericho fortune, not if it means being a puppet to her stepfather, Harrison Jericho. Instead she turns to her one skill and passion and becomes a professional gambler. Except no money in the world is enough to make her forget her eldest stepbrother, Max Jericho, or the scorching kiss they shared at a party.

Max has been keeping tabs on his beautiful stepsister, Isabella. He’s been half in love with her for years, and no amount of hard labor and bedding other women makes him forget her. But his feelings won’t mean a thing if she’s guilty of dragging the Jericho name through the mud. He needs to get her alone to uncover the truth. And now that he’s CEO of his very own casino, Bella is drawn to him like a moth to flame.

Except losing a bet to Max and staying in his penthouse for a week just might be Isabella’s biggest gamble yet. Especially when she discovers how far he’s willing to go to clear the Jericho name.

My Review

This novella is set in Vegas, where the headstrong Izzy is pursuing her career as a professional gambler. Having lost a substantial bet to Max, she finds that her punishment is to spend one week ensconced in his penthouse, where he is hell bent on possessing her and punishing her for her seemingly bad behaviour. The type of punishment every girl dreams of and believe me the scenes are hot!

The chemistry between Max and Izzy is undeniable: the sex is scorching and sparks fly. Izzy needs a strong man to keep her in check and Max is certainly up to the job. As Max and his brothers work together across three continents to get to the bottom of the issue of the corporate spy, Izzy and Max’s relationship is threatened. I was itching to find out if Max could trust this woman whom he is drawn to like no other and whether Izzy would lose all, including her heart, in the process.

Trapped by the Billionaire by Cathleen Ross

Tom Jericho has never got over the naked body slide his sixteen year old stepsister Christabelle Evernight performed on him when he was twenty-one. Born with a sense of honor, he wouldn’t take her virginity then but he’s certainly interested in having her now. After all, what’s a little dirty fun between step siblings and Christabelle has been a very bad girl.

There’s nothing more humiliating than being knocked back by the hottest, sexiest stepbrother Chrissy has ever seen, so she’s not going to Australia to work under him, except her stepfather leaves her no choice.

Tom Jericho knows her secret and he’s going to make her pay, but Chrissy has grown up now and she happens to enjoy Tom’s brand of punishment – and knows just how to pay him back.

My Review

In the third and final novella the action turns to the Jericho casino in Sydney, where Chrissy has been sent by her stepfather to work with stepbrother Tom, the very man who rejected her when she was  younger. The emotional turmoil she is under has led this normally meek and mild young woman to act very much out of character and Tom is out for revenge, whilst extracting maximum enjoyment from the situation – enjoyment that Chrissy cannot resist. Cue some sizzling scenes!

When Tom, who has a strong sense of honour learns of his stepsister’s real motivation for her actions what will he do? Will he reject her yet again or will the couple find their HEA, however controversial such a pairing will be? It takes a some unexpected developments at the casino before Tom’s hand is forced.

The collection of red hot, feel good erotic romances is guaranteed to please and I loved how the story panned out to ensure a fitting HEA for all the siblings involved!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of his book was given to me by the authors for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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