**REVIEW** ~ Love Yoga, Serge de Moliere

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Adult/18+ Read

Love Yoga


Morgan Love is one of the few African American yoga instructors in town. After her studies in India with the legendary Swami Monda, students flock to her classes. But without her own studio, money remains tight, and her personal life is a wreck after the last man in her life cheated on her.

When an attractive man enters her yoga studio, Morgan is instantly drawn to him. When she discovers the attraction is mutual, things quickly escalate, taking a dramatic and passionate turn. Eli is like no other man she’s ever met, and that includes his incredible sexual prowess.

But when Morgan’s past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself forced to turn to Eli. Are her hopes and dreams safe with this seemingly too-perfect man? Or will Morgan end up once again as a man’s sex toy?

My Review

Love Affirming Erotic Romance 4* (Four stars)

I loved this sizzling short by Serge de Moliere. It’s certainly been a few years since I have taken a yoga class, but this read certainly brought it all back to me. I too remember the solitary male who would now and again venture into a class full of women, never to return again. None of these males were like Eli however!

Once yoga teacher Morgan and Eli catch sight of each other their attraction is mutual and they cannot keep their eyes (or hands) off one another! The many love-making scenes between them are scorching as befits an erotic romance.  Yet can Morgan trust Eli with her heart when her last partner used her so cruelly? I waited with bated breath whether Eli would prove himself to Morgan when she needs help.

Serge de Moliere packs a lot into this read which brings Morgan’s yoga studio and the lusty scenes between her and Eli vividly to life. It is a sweet, hot and visceral read as the couple explore each other physically and emotionally. I recommend this to lovers of erotic romance who are looking for a short, hot and satisfying read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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