**REVIEW** -Taken by the Sheriff, by Lolita London

Erotic Historical Romance

Adult/18+ Read

Lolita London


Widowed Sheriff Terrence Evans has lost it all. No matter how much he throws himself into work, his loneliness is eating him up.

Governess Amanda Carter didn’t plan to fall for her boss, and certainly didn’t plan to submit to him out of wedlock. She quickly finds that his commanding tongue and firm hand, however, ignites something within her that nothing can extinguish.

Or so she thinks.

The passionate whirlwind comes to a halt, however, when they find out that she’s pregnant. Can they have it all together? Or is this a scandal that will tear apart more than just their hearts, but their small town as well?

This book contains explicit sex scenes and is intended for mature readers only.

My Review

***** (Five Stars)

Contains deliciously naughty scenes of spanking and domestic discipline

Taken by the Sheriff is another super read by Lolita London and is guaranteed to hit the spot for lovers of the genre!  It combines the charm of the old West with passion and romance, with some deliciously naughty scenes of domestic discipline. I loved it!

In it, the young heroine Amanda leaves her family home in Boston and heads out West to Wyoming, to take up a position as a governess. Unhappy with the placement, she very soon quits and instead becomes governess to the young daughter of the town’s sheriff, Terrance Evans, a widower. Well, as soon as these two meet it is evident that they are attracted to each other big time, The author does a great job of creating the initial sexual tension between them and although the sheriff is a little slow to give into his desires, once he succumbs to Amanda’s charms the lovin’ is pretty non stop and little is left to the imagination!

I loved Amanda, an innocent, yet seething with burgeoning sexuality, a sexuality which is ignited once she claps eyes on her new employer. She is a spunky heroine, who deserves every happiness. As for Terrance, he is  a very conflicted hero who lost the love of his life when his wife died and he has been mourning her for years. He resists Amanda for as long as he can, being wracked with guilt. However, as Terrance’s daughter blooms under Amanda’s care, their relationship deepens and the couple eventually come together in some scorching and erotic scenes involving spanking and domestic discipline.

Amanda offers him everything a man could want – a new mother for his daughter and a soulmate who embraces his passionate nature. Yet will this stubborn man realise what a gem he has found before it is too late? Will his devotion to his deceased wife always come between them? Will the town gossips ruin what chance the couple have of a lasting relationship? There are some shocking revelations and turn of events before the couple find their HEA and I was biting my nails to the quick as the read reached its conclusion.

A thoroughly enjoyable erotic historical romance!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review. 

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