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If you are after a romantic paranormal/fantasy read which has plenty of action with a kick-ass heroine or two, out -of-this-world lovemaking scenes, magic and mayhem, then you will want to consider Shane North’s Angelis Vampire series. Aside from the vamps there are werewolves and a host of other immortal beings who are striving to co-exist alongside the world of mortals. And, talking of worlds, we also have the key role played by Angelis, a world in another time dimension but which plays a pivotal role in the series.

If you want to read an interview with Shane, posted previously on our blog, which includes an extract from Shannon, the first book in the series click here. You can currently download Shannon for FREE:

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Shannon 1


Shannon’s life is happy except for her nightmares, but when she watches her mom and dad being murdered by the monsters in her dreams, her life falls apart. Her best friend turns out to be a werewolf, the man she thinks of as her other father is the alpha male, and her long lost uncle is a vampire lord from Angelis. Angelis is in another time dimension, a world ruled by Royals, a pureblooded line of vampires with powers never seen in this time dimension. Angelis is a medieval world of castles, and ancient magic that her mother and uncle were forced to leave to save their lives.

Shannon’s journey leads her to follow her destiny and meet the love of her life. Destiny and her uncle lead her to find out what she really is, where she came from, and to become the strongest immortal to live. Shannon learns to kill quickly, and to love like there’s no tomorrow when she meets her mate from her dreams. Simon, an eight-hundred year old Viking has searched the world for his true love when he meets Shannon. What will Shannon’s uncle, Simon’s maker, have to say about this? A young woman from South beach, destined to overthrow the vampire council and rule the immortal race with the help of the ancient Shaman Neeb.

My Review

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance with a powerful heroine ~ 4 stars

Shannon, book #1 in the Angelis Vampire series is a sweet, but at the same time erotic paranormal/fantasy romance, with an original storyline. It contains a powerful heroine, magic, vampires, werewolves, fated mates and a battle between good and evil.

For me the read also has the feel of a New Adult/coming of age novel and this fits the storyline as the kick-ass heroine Shannon is trying to come to terms with her legacy after being thrust into the world of immortals. Her life is now far more complicated than that of a young woman from South Beach! She finds out that she is descended from a union between Callidora, a royal from Angelis, a world in another time dimension, and Connor an alpha werewolf.

Instead of going clubbing and shopping she needs to concentrate on using her growing powers – which due to her lineage are considerable, to destroy the evil Vampire Assembly, who murdered he parents and seize power. To the Assembly Shannon, the offspring of a forbidden union of werewolf and vampire, is an abomination to be destroyed.

Shannon’s task is not easy – she has to come to terms with the vast changes that are taking place in her life and the physical and mental challenges of being an immortal. It is fortunate that she has found the vampire Simon, her life-mate.

There are a numerous battle scenes, where Shannon and others show their combat prowess and also some scorching lovemaking scenes. The novel contains a number of engaging characters: her powerful uncle Damon, also from Angelis, who exudes charm, strength and humour; her best friend Cait, a werewolf and Cait’s father Keegan and of course her very own Simon, who is a girl’s dream.

I enjoyed the read and the author and the series has a lot of promise.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of the novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Shannon 2


My name is Shannon O’Callaghan and I’m immortal. I live in an amazing world of time travel and magic, where vampires and werewolves are normal and I call them family A family some would say are monsters, but they love me unconditionally and it’s the life I was meant to live. My father was Connor O’Callaghan, a visionary that led the wolves to peace and prosperity. My mother was Callidora Angelis, a Royal vampire from another time dimension. Their love and life together are what made my life possible, but, it is also what caused their death. And, it’s their death that fuels my journey of revenge on those who stole my life.
This immortal word is controlled by The Vampire Assembly. The Assembly is an evil group of twelve who decides the fate of its followers. They are devils dressed like mortal men who kill with pleasure and live off of blood slaves they keep in their dungeons. They are evil, they are responsible for my parents’ death, and I will see them dead. My day for revenge is finally coming and The Assembly is mine to kill. Then and only then will I rule this land as their queen.

My Review

Sexy and Fast-Paced! ~ 4 stars

The pace and the action hot up in Shannon’s Revenge, book #2 in the Angelis Vampire series. Shannon is now coming to terms with her considerable powers and, despite a few minor hiccups, she is starting to show great promise as a warrior and future ruler. Uncle Damon and Shaman Neeb, not to mention Cait her best friend and life-mate Simon are all on hand to support her through the process.

It is only a matter of time before Shannon, supported by an alliance of vampires, werewolves and the Elvin race, goes head to head with the Vampire Assembly and its leader x. Before this happens Shannon needs to bide her time, hone her growing powers and magic strike when the time is right. Yet the council leader Antonious is no fool and Shannon and her supporters will need all their wits about them.

I enjoyed the Shannon’s growth and character development in this novel and also how the author developed the other characters, especially Uncle Damon, with whom she has many verbal sparring matches. I loved the sexy scenes between Shannon and Simon, the humour and also the many action scene. Shannon is a powerful role model and heroine for although she has a soft heart she is a powerful immortal and is no one’s fool. She does not hesitate to do what is necessary and is dedicated to her goal of annihilating the Vampire Assembly. The ending is a worthy one.

Recommended for lovers of paranormal/fantasy romance who like an erotic read and a strong heroine.

Reviewed by Tina Williams



Death has arrived in earth’s time dimension. A foul stench filled Shannon’s nose, a smell of sulfur and death. This might have been a vision, but her power spiked as she sensed the source and moved towards it. Her life force surrounded her as her swords appeared in her hands. She gripped them tightly and stepped through a massive oak door. Before her stood a giant of a man.

His essence was black as coal, and his soul had long been lost to his dark side. His ancient leather armor looked old and battled; it smelled musty from the dried blood and looked dry and brittle. This had to be Kyran. Evil always had a dirty, unkempt appearance, and his aura was encircled with death. She could sense his blood was similar to Damon’s, and she knew she would take great pleasure in killing him someday. But what happens when Kyran is taken to earth’s time dimension by Neeb’s evil brother, seeking to kill the remaining royal Angelian family and end their bloodline forever.

In this riveting spin off from Shane North’s Angelis Vampire Series, an unknown Angelian is faced with death, her new life and the destiny the fates have planned for her.

My Review

High Octane and Entertaining! ~ 4 stars

Reagan’s Destiny is both a spin off and a continuation of the story arc contained in the previous novels in the series, Shannon and Shannon’s Revenge. The Vampire Council having been dealt with, the threat in this novel comes from Angelis no less, the medieval and magical world where Shannon’s mother and uncle were compelled to leave. Evil in the form of Kyran stalks Shannon and her uncle Damon, intent on destroying what remains of the royal Angelian family.

Reagan, a young woman with Angelian blood plays a key role in this battle and I enjoyed how this novel focused on her story, whilst including the characters I have grown to love from earlier novels. Shannon and Cait are destined to forge a strong relationship with this headstrong individual, but the path to their burgeoning friendship is not plain sailing. We know from Shannon’s trials that adapting to a life of an immortal and facing up to one’s destiny is not always easy and the author does a god job of exploring these issues, whilst maintaining a high octane and entertaining read.

Reagan is fortunate in that she manages to find unexpected love in the form of the vampire Lucius who she finds is her life mate. There are plenty of hot, sweet and romantic interludes amongst the bloody battle scenes and magic and I enjoyed the contrasting scenes. Kyran, as a powerful Angelian, is a well drawn and formidable enemy. Aided by the brother of Shaman Neeb, it will take everything Reagan, Shannon and Damon have in their arsenal to bring about his downfall.

Recommended to fans of paranormal/fantasy romance.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of the novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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