**REVIEW** – Caught, by Lolita London

Historical Erotic Romance/Erotica

Adult/18+ Read



A Lonely Doctor

His treatment for female hysteria calms his patients, and heats Dr. Thomas Winterbourne’s blood like nothing else. Unwed, and desperately lonely, he’s rejected the idea of marriage due to his singular desires.

A Thief

Jenny Marks feels no pity for the wealthy doctor who has more comfort than she has ever found in her nineteen years. She takes a job as his maid, intending on taking anything of value from him and any other upper class people that she can.


When Dr. Winterbourne finds her pilfering his mother’s jewels, he decides upon punishing her in the most scandalous of manners, unknowingly tying their fate together.

My Review ~ Deliciously Naughty! 4 stars ****

This is another very naughty historical romance from Lolita London and is a quick and satisfying read. Please be advised that this read contains scenes of voyeurism, medical play, role play, bondage and spanking.

The hero Thomas, a Doctor, is researching female hysteria in a most ‘hands-on’ way. His renown for curing the condition has spread amongst high society and he is very much in demand. However, our gallant doctor is very much ashamed as his carefully designed medical interventions have the unfortunate result of causing him a certain amount of discomfort as they *ahem* arouse him sexually, a state that he views as perverse. To relief his unwelcome lust he visits the local whore house, despairing that he will ever find a woman who will understand his predilections…

The heroine Jenny, an orphan who has nothing but disdain for the wealthy, enters his household, in the guise of a maid, intent on stealing from him. Reporting back to her handler and mentor who has rescued her from the streets. Yet what Jenny thinks will be a quick ‘in and out’ job is anything but. Mutual and forbidden attraction flares between master and servant. Neither acts on it, until matters come to a head when Jenny is caught in the act of a theft. Social etiquette is cast aside, and to save herself Jenny offers herself up to her master to punish her… Thus master takes servant to task in a manner befitting his own special skills in a number of steamy and erotic scenes. I enjoyed how the author portrayed the sexual awakening of the heroine as she blossomed into womanhood. The romance is also sweet one.

Recommended for lovers of historical erotic romance.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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