*REVIEW* ~ Sacrifice (Fashionably Impure book 3), by Natasha Blackthorne

Erotic Historical Romance
Adult/18+ only



Adrian Sutherland, the Earl of Danvers, loves Miss Miranda Jones with all his heart and soul. His love is so ardent that he will marry her and make her his countess, despite her past as a courtesan. He loves her so much in fact, that he is prepared to do anything to keep her safe. No matter the cost.

Miranda loves Adrian with a passionate love that equals his. She wants only him, no matter the hardships she must face as wife to an impoverished earl.

Miranda and Adrian, two tortured and damaged souls, whose only solace is each other. As they share the dark secrets that have tormented them for years, their love is put to the test again and again. But when Adrian makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her safety, all their future happiness is put at risk.

How great a price must they pay for their obsessive, all-consuming love?

My Review ~ 5 stars

Sizzling and Emotional

Sacrifice is an emotional conclusion to the tempestuous romance between the courtesan Miranda and the aristocratic Adrian which began in Miranda’s Dilemma and continued in A Most Demanding Mistress click on the titles for review. Please note, if you have not read these books this review, whilst I have taken great care not to reveal the plot, does contain spoilers.

I loved how, to protect the woman he loves Adrian flies in the face of propriety and weds Miranda, who has hitherto led the life of a courtesan. He not only risks his standing as an Earl but he makes his impoverished position even more precarious. Yet this is not enough and he must go to extraordinary lengths to protect Miranda, at great risk to himself and their future as man and wife. That the couple love each other passionately is not in question, yet will it be enough for them to survive the trials and tribulations that come their way? This is an emotional and rollercoaster read.

The dynamics of their relationship are challenging. Once again Adrian needs to reconcile his need to possess and own Miranda with his distaste of her former profession. Miranda too must make her own sacrifice, facing up to demons from her past. Will their respective sacrifices be enough to secure a HEA for them? The couple’s relationship is intense and is anything but plain-sailing. A number of times in the book I was frustrated by the actions of both Adrian and Miranda and the situation they found themselves in. Both are proud and stubborn individuals with their own scarred pasts and they must learn to trust each other.

The book is a scorching read – the author writes deliciously sensual and erotic love-making scenes, her descriptive powers reflecting the love, passion and emotion this couple hold in their heart for one another.

I found it an emotional and fitting conclusion to the series.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note that a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of  fair and honest review.

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