Introducing *Strands of Sollus* by Cheryl Suchacek

strands-of-sollus-3DEBUT novel ‘Strands of Sollus’ by Cheryl Suchacek is an erotic/fantasy novel that I am looking forward to reviewing over the coming months.┬áPlanned to be the first of a series of 5,┬áStrands of Sollus is a mix of two different genres,of which are high fantasy and erotica.

Blurb: A contract from the Order of Aurora sends Myst in pursuit of a stolen magic sword. The job soon finds her partnering with Lotus, the rightful owner of the sword, as well as two beings bound to each other, Tol and Grayoch.

In the course of their mission, the group uncovers that behind the theft are sinister forces bent on resurrecting the dark lord, Maridon, in order to overwhelm the forces of light and take over the world of Sollus.

Facing their enemies, Myst finds that not only does she have to contend with Maridon and his minions, she also has to deal with the growing complications of her relationship with Tol and Lotus.

Book 2 of the series is currently in the making.

Strands of Sollus is available now on Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as Barnes & Noble.

For more info and to check out some more fantastic artwork on the characters of Strands of Sollus you can check out the website