*REVIEW* ~ Along Came The Rain, by Alison R. Solomon

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Wynn Larimer would be the first to admit she has a bad memory and that lately it’s been getting worse. But that doesn’t explain how she has ended up in jail, accused of kidnapping two teenage foster kids. Now she’s in the fight of her life to clear her name. Her burning question: who has framed her and why?
Wynn’s partner, Barker, is hanging by an emotional thread. Not only are the missing girls her social work clients, but to make matters worse, her beloved Wynn seems to be losing her mind. How can she ensure the girls are brought to safety while dealing with a partner who is increasingly scattered?

Wynn and Barker must race to uncover the truth before Wynn is charged with a serious crime that could imprison her for years. But what will happen to their relationship when both discover things about each other that will change their lives forever?

My Review

Twists and turns a plenty ~ 4 sand a half stars

There’s twists and turns a plenty in this page turning psychological thriller from Alison R. Solomon. It is the author’s debut novel and she has done an excellent job in creating a suspenseful read which kept me on my toes and guessing until the end.

Wynn is shocked when she is accused of kidnapping two teenage foster children. There is no question of her innocence in her own mind. However, when the police produce a series of evidence which points to her guilt, she begins to feel a net closing in on her, a net of someone else’s making. Can she prove to them and to her partner Barker that she had nothing to do with the crime? With issues round her memory loss that appear to be worsening she battles against the odds to gather evidence that the police may have overlooked as the fate of the girls hangs in the balance. Meanwhile her partner Barker, a social worker to the two girls, struggles to prove Wynn’s innocence whilst maintaining her own and Wynn’s sanity.

Barker and Wynn are a loving couple: Barker a social worker, well thought of by her colleagues and clients, and Wynn the homemaker  trying to get her jewellery making business off the ground. They have a good life together but will their relationship survive? Has Wynn been framed and if so why? In the course of their efforts to uncover the truth revelations about their respective pasts come to life and they will have to live with the consequences, that is if they can prove Wynn’s innocence and keep her out of jail.

I was gripped as Wynn struggles to clear her name whilst grappling with her own issues around memory loss. The author tackles this issue in a knowledgeable and sensitive way as she does with other issues explored in the read: dementia, memory loss, mental health, abuse and aging. The trials and tribulations of the foster system are also explored in the book and again this is done in a knowledgeable and insightful fashion.

The novel is cleverly written, with different POV and timelines and I was totally gobsmacked at how the plot unravelled. Recommended for lovers of a suspenseful read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note a copy of this nook was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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~BLOG TOUR~ **To Avenge Her Highland Warrior** by Samantha Holt (includes excerpt and giveaway)

A big welcome today to Samantha Holt’s recent Highland Romance, To Avenge Her Highland Warrior. Scroll down to read the book blurb, an excerpt and enter the giveaway where a medieval inspired necklace is up for grabs!

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TITLE – To Avenge Her Highland Warrior
SERIES – Highland Fae Chronicles #3
AUTHOR – Samantha Holt
GENRE – Historical Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 60000


Lorna lost everything to war. Her home, her wealth… her lover. And now she wants revenge.

When her hasty plan throws her at the mercy of her enemy’s men, she holds little hope of returning to her kin and fears death is around the corner. But could her salvation lie in the arms of her dark captor?

Logan has little time to be dealing with a stubborn noble woman. His orders are to prepare for war. His laird—the man he owes his life to—intends to join forces with the Norse and bring a battle to Scotland that will see the fate of the country forever changed. Scarred, and with no memory of his past, Logan is determined to forge a new future for himself as well as prove his loyalty to the laird.

But the beautiful lass has him questioning his previous life and his goals. When she starts claiming he once loved her, he knows he’s being manipulated and she’s taking advantage of his memory loss. So why is it so hard to resist the idea of having once been her lover?

With the threat of impending war—a battle that promises to bring slaughter to her family—can Lorna persuade Logan to believe her, and is the bitter man he’s become even worth saving?

Whatever the outcome of the battle, a certain interfering faery is resolved to see fate back on its correct path. And that means forcing Lorna and Logan together—no matter their differences.

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Logan clenched his jaw and the roar of the storm sounded closer. He had to leave yet his feet refused to move. Why stay? Why torture himself further? His heart pounded against his chest. In the next flash, he was close once more. Within touching distance. He saw her features more clearly now. The distress in her eyes, the golden strands of hair curling around her pointed chin. The fan of her lashes lowered and lifted in one slow sweep until her gaze locked onto his.

“Logan,” she whispered, voice tremulous, but he did not know if that was a plea for him to leave or come closer.
“Logan,” she tried again.

The shaky quality of her voice pulled at his gut. His gaze traced the curl that flowed over one shoulder and down, caressing her gentle curves like a lover—like he once had apparently. His palms tingled with the need to feel the soft give of her flesh beneath him.

The next flash highlighted her trembling form. The fragile hollow of her neck fluttered with her pulse and his mouth grew dry with the need to press his lips to it.

Damn her. Like a siren, she lured him in.

He almost backed away. How long they had been standing like that he knew not. It may have been moments—a mere few flashes of lightening—but the thickening of the air between them seemed to slow time.

The tremble of her lips gripped his heart, squeezed it hard and painfully. An aggravating need to take care of her ate into him, softened him to her.

Logan closed the gap. The next rumble lined up with him gripping her upper arms and pushing her back against the wall. She gasped, the sound clear to him even as the skies crashed about them. Hot anger mingled with need. It burned through him and set his nerve endings alight. How dare she have such a hold over him, how dare she make him want her?

Soft, delicate breasts pressed against him. Slim thighs quaked against his. With a hiss of breath, he lowered his mouth to hers as she stared up at him. Before his lips met hers, her eyes flashed with a plea, but was she begging him to kiss her or leave her be? He couldn’t decide what he wanted either, but she left him with little choice.
The first touch made him wonder if he had not indeed been struck by lightning. Frissons shot through him, curled into his blood and fired his fury and lust. Lorna released a tiny sound and he pressed his lips hard to hers this time. She whimpered. Her lips felt hot beneath his. Her taste threatened to drown him.

Satisfaction settled in his gut when she arched into him. He kept hold of her arms, allowing little movement but that up thrust of breasts and hips into him made him hiss and press harder. He coaxed her lips apart, and she gasped when he invaded the heated recesses of her mouth. Logan kissed her deeply, with little apology. He needed this, needed her.

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Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier. She enjoys writing historical romance involving chivalrous knights, hot highlanders and cravatted men, but sometimes gets lured away by bad boy bikers, soldiers and other heroic modern men.



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Seconds Before Sunrise, #2 in The Timely Death Trilogy, by Shannon A Thompson

Seconds Before SunriseCompelling and Addictive!

Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Seconds Before Sunrise, the second book in author’s Shannon A. Thompson’s Timely Death Trilogy, continues the epic tale of Light versus Dark, at the centre of which is the heatfelt love story between the Shades Eric and Jessica. It has a compelling and addictive narrative which explores the elemental themes of good versus evil, love and self-sacrifice and fate versus free-will. All lovers of paranormal and fantasy romance are advised to check out this series so that they do not miss out on a fantastic reading experience.

I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of the novel, due out on 27th March, for an honest and unbiased review, which is posted below: 

Book Blurb

“Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.”

Eric has weeks before his final battle when he’s in an accident. Forced to face his human side, he knows he can’t survive if he fights alone. But he doesn’t want to surrender, even if he becomes the sacrifice for war. Jessica’s memory isn’t the only thing she’s lost. Her desire to find her parents is gone and so is her confidence. But when fate leaves nightmares behind, she decides to find the boy she sees in them, even if it risks her sanity.

My Review

Please note that my review contains some spoilers for Minutes Before Sunset. If you plan to read this series, you may therefore wish to check out my review of this first (click on the title for the link).

In the previous instalment, Minutes Before Sunset, we met Eric Welborn, who as the First Descendant, Shoman in his Shade form, is destined to battle to the death with the Descendant of Light, enemies of the Dark, to safeguard the fate of his kind. Eric found out that the unknown Shade, ignorant of her birthright, whom he trained to develop and control her powers, and Jessica Taylor, a new student at his high school, are  one and the same. Not only that, but Jessica and Eric fall in love, a love that threatens the approaching battle as Jessica’s very existence, as the third Descendant, could jeopardise his victory. To protect Eric and his mission, as well as Jessica, the Shade Elders remove her memories of what she is and her relationship to Eric.

Seconds Before Sunrise continues the tale of Jessica and Eric and the approaching confrontation between Dark and Light. I particularly loved how the author delves into Jessica’s psyche to illustrate that she is aware that all is not well as she feels that something is missing. It is only in her subconscious mind, through frequent and vivid nightmares, that she maintains a tenuous link to past events and the present menace which she somehow senses. Although she is weakened by her memory loss and does not comprehend what her dreams are about or why she is having them, her inner strength compels her to find out their meaning. At the same time Jessica cannot help but be drawn to Eric Wellborn, the taciturn and mysterious boy in her class……

Eric struggles to maintain the required distance between them for her safety as well as that of his people but Jessica and fate have other ideas. Jessica also has to contend with male attention from other quarters and danger is ever present. The tension ratchets up after Eric’s accident, secrets unravel and the plot becomes darker and more sinister as the final battle looms.

Once again I loved how Shannon Thompson created and maintained suspense throughout the tale as neither the Light nor the Dark  recognise each other in their human form. Protection of this human identity is paramount for safety and cannot be compromised. Although the reader is familiar with the human form of the characters who represent the Dark, the identities of those who are fighting for the Light is  not revealed, which keeps the reader guessing and adds tension. Another successful plot device is that the chapters are written either from the POV of Jessica or Eric, which gives a deep insight into their motivations and emotions. The novel also contains many vivid and imaginative paranormal scenes which transport the reader into the worlds of the Light and the Dark.

The supporting characters are well drawn, from the adults to Eric and Jessica’s fellow pupils.  We can only guess at their true identity and nature. Although I have my own opinions as to who is Eric’s arch nemesis, the Descendant of Light, I know that such is the skill of this author that I am likely to be surprised when his identity and those of others are revealed.

Seconds Before Sunrise is a truly emotional and compulsive read, with a suspenseful and fascinating plot that becomes darker as we approach the climax and I am itching to know how the series will conclude! I recommend it to readers of both adult and young adult paranormal romance.

To read an interview with Shannon A. Thompson in which she answers a series of questions about her inspiration for her work, her writing process and more and to read an excerpt from Seconds Before Sunrise, in advance of its publication,click here.

To read an earlier post, in which Shannon talks about her inspiration behind the series, please click here.

Tina 🙂

Author Shannon A Thompson website


AEC Stellar Publishing

Cover artist Viola Estrella

Publication Date: 27 Mar 2014