*REVIEW* – The Archer, by Ruby Rodrigo

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Aslin joined the Tirian army disguised as her younger brother, intent on saving his life. Skilled with a bow and fluent in Almanian, she quickly earned the trust of her fellow soldiers, all the while keeping her identity hidden. When a covert operation goes horribly wrong, Aslin finds herself a bound captive in an Almanian fortress. Nothing about her imprisonment is what she expected, least of all her captor Ero, an enigmatic captain of the Almanian army. They both have secrets to keep and weapons to wield, but they have one thing in common: an undeniable, magnetic attraction.

Aslin will do whatever it takes to keep herself alive.
Ero will do whatever it takes to keep Aslin.

The Archer is a dark fantasy romance with explicit sexual scenes. It is for mature readers only. There are scenes of rough sex, reluctance, and violent combat. This is a standalone work with a happy ending.

My Review

A Joy to Read – 5 stars

What a great find this book was! This dark fantasy romance is a fabulous read and contains one of my favourite tropes, enemies to lovers. It’s also got plenty of steam, forced proximity, a strong and determined heroine and an alpha to to die for. It manages to be both sweet and sizzling at the same time.

Aslin, masquerading as a male soldier – an archer, is captured whilst on manoeuvrers and finds herself strung up in the enemy’s dungeon awaiting rough questioning and possibly worse. Her ruse is soon discovered by Ero, the army’s captain, who cuts her down and installs her in a locked room in his fortress whilst he decides what to do with her. He will not mistreat a woman, even an enemy and cannot understand why his adversaries are allowing women to fight. I loved Ero – he comes across as an honourable man,  a man who likes to take charge; a true alpha. As for Aslin, she is a complex, being brave, stubborn and kick-ass when she needs to be.

I enjoyed how they are immediately drawn to one another and how their attraction swiftly grows and develops over the course of the narrative. There are some steamy and explicit scenes and these are beautifully written, as is the rest of the book. The plot contains plenty of passion and adventure for both hero and heroine as they navigate their relationship and unfolding events. They discover much about each other, including a number of secrets and unexpected revelations before their HEA is achieved. The worldbuilding held my interest without overpowering the central romance and thrust of the narrative. My interest was also piqued by a number of side characters whom I hope to see in any future books the author decides to release.

If you like enemies to lovers romances within the fantasy genre this steamy read is one I recommend.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

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