**DOUBLE COVER REVEAL** ~ Tempting His Mistress and Once Upon a Rake, by Samantha Holt

Today I’m delighted to share not one but two cover reveals for Samantha Holt’s upcoming Victorian Romances, Tempting His Mistress and Once Upon A Rake! Scroll down to read the book blurb. Tina 🙂

Tempting His Mistress

Coming November 10th


Book Synopsis

What could possibly induce a woman to follow in the footsteps of her mother and further sully her reputation by becoming a mistress?

Lilly Claremont is well used to being at the centre of gossip.  Being the illegitimate child of a rich businessman never failed to titillate the gossips and while she cared little about the wagging tongues she never intended to reinforce their opinions of her by ruining herself completely.

But it seems Lord Hawksley is determined to make the fascinating Lilly his mistress…

Evan has no doubt her bold tongue and beautiful body could keep him entertained for some time. Captivated by her, he must find a way to burn through his desire for her. He cannot marry a woman of such social standing so why not make her his mistress?

After the murder of her father, Lilly is searching for answers and they lead her directly to Lord Hawksley. But will they also lead her to his bed…?

Once Upon a Rake

Coming November 24th


Book Synopsis

In Victorian England, little Ellie Browning swiftly discovered happy endings did not exist, and rakes were simply rakes. When the man she had adored for years kissed her and left her heartbroken, she resolved to put any dreams of fairy tales aside.

Seven years later, the widowed Eleanor, Countess of Hawthorne, has returned to England after years of travelling with a few ideas in mind. Firstly, she will continue to be the refined, elegant woman she has learned to be—or at least she shall try her best—and secondly, she will make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than her. A fine opportunity presents itself when she discovers she is now a part owner of a cotton mill.

But the owner of the mill and the very same rake who had hurt her, has no desire to let a woman interfere with his business, let alone little Ellie Browning. After one of Lucian’s mills succumbed to fire, he’s fighting to save the other and continue his father’s legacy of fine business decisions and accruing wealth.

However, after a series of accidents, it becomes clear someone wishes the mill to close. But who, and why? Forced together to investigate the incidents, they must get past their shared history if they want to save the business.

If only the growing attraction between them did not prove such a distraction. With things heating up between them, it becomes clear that they are both at risk of getting burned…





The Twelfth Night Wager, by Regan Walker – A Perfect Christmas Read!

715486[1]Has the Rake Met His Match?

Regency Romance: e-book 134 pages

The Twelfth Night Wager, by Regan Walker, is a classy Regency romance where a wager between friends has far reaching consequences for those it concerns – a dissolute rake and a respectable young widow. There is also a cleverly woven sub plot containing elements of danger and suspense, which added to my enjoyment and acted as a catalyst to the romance. I found it a love affirming and entertaining read, welcome at any time of year but especially heart warming at Christmastime!

In The Twelfth Night Wager, Christopher St Ives, Viscount Eustace, is a rake, who toys with women for fun. His friend, Hugh Redgrave, by contrast a happily married man, sets him a challenge in a wager, which is entered into the betting book at White’s and becomes the talk of London society:

‘LD Eustace has wagered LD Ormand 1000 pounds that by Twelfth Night he can seduce, bed and walk away from a certain lady understood between them.’

The ‘certain lady’ is Grace, Lady Leisterfield, a young widow with the reputation of being very proper. Her husband has been gone a year, and Grace, encouraged by her friends, decides to shed her mourning attire and embrace life. The plot thickens when Mary, Hugh’s wife and a friend of Grace, insists that Grace be informed that she is the object of the wager. Grace nevertheless decides to welcome the Viscount’s suit, with the intention of letting him down when he finally propositions her. For his part, Eustace finds Grace very attractive and foresees no problem in using his wiles to seduce her and win the wager. Throw in a great cast of supporting characters, not least Hugh and Mary (Lord and Lady Ormand) a matchmaking dowager countess and a sub plot involving blackmail, and the scene is set for a delightful and entertaining read!

I loved Grace, who although she has been married before and is in many ways innocent, she is totally aware of the danger rakes such as Eustace pose. She is surprised however, when she starts to discover the real man beneath the façade. It is this man whom she must guard her heart against, lest she succumbs, as he will, as per the wager, only walk away from her once he has bedded her!

Eustace is a fascinating character, whilst most certainly a loveable rogue, who has had his fair share of women, underneath he is a man of substance. As the plot progresses and he gets to know Grace, he becomes very protective of her and more and more enamoured, a state that he is not familiar with. I found some of the scenes where he struggles with his feelings and Grace’s actions very humorous, especially when provoked by his friend Hugh. The sexual tension between the couple sizzles throughout and they are well matched. However, the wager stands between them and casts doubt on Eustace’s intentions. Will Grace succumb to his charms and will Eustace win the wager and still get his girl or will he lose her forever?

I enjoyed meeting characters out of the author’s other books, which I have read, notably Hugh and Mary, whose love story begins in Racing With The Wind ,  book #1 in Regan Walker’s Agents of The Crown Trilogy (for my review click on the title). The tale also includes fictional and real-life Regency characters and makes reference to actual events, places and Christmas and New Year customs, which add to the authenticity of the read. The Twelfth Night Wager is a great addition to the author’s Regency romances and works perfectly as a standalone. I recommend it to romance lovers who enjoy a Regency tale where a rake may finally have met his match!

A copy of this novella was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Boroughs Publishing Group

Digital edition created by Maureen Cutajar www.gopublished.com

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Regan Walker’s website

4326416[1]If you like the sound of The Twelfth Night Wager you may want to check out The Holly and the Thistle, a short story which takes place at the same time and featuring how one of Grace’s friends, the widow Lady Emily Picton finds love after a case of mistaken identity with a handsome Scot

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The Club by Sharon Page

theclub-201Racy Regency Romance

 I enjoy Regency romances and have wanted to read a Sharon Page novel for some time. This one intrigued me as it has a gentleman’s club at the centre of the plot and promised to be a sensuous read!

In The Club Widow Jane Beaumont, Lady Sherringham enters a notorious private club, posing as a patron, in search of her friend Delphinia. Del disappeared after she was seen attending the club with her debauched husband. Jane, intent on finding out what happened to her friend, immediately encounters Christian Sutcliffe, Lord Wickham, Del’s brother, a well-known libertine. Christian went into self-imposed exile abroad after he killed a man in a duel over a woman, but has returned to search for his sister, who had written to him telling him how unhappy she was, prior to her disappearance. Neither Jane nor Christian believes the claim made by Del’s husband, that Del has ran off with a lover to the Continent.

Christian warns Jane to stay out of the club before she compromises her safety. However, Jane and ignores his wishes and they spend more time together in and out of the club, as they try and find out what has happened to Del. Jane, abused by her deceased husband, is skittish around men and it takes all of her courage to venture into the club, posing as Christian’s lover.

Mrs Broughton’s club is a place where married couples of the ton go in search of sexual fulfilment and adventure – not always with each other! The author describes a number of consensual scenes, between a range of partners, which include bondage and the use of other paraphernalia one would expect in a sex club.  It becomes clear that some women, including Del were not wholly willing participants in the activities there. Whilst investigating the club, Jane and Christian also uncover some other nefarious activities taking place at an establishment linked to it.

Christian and Jane knew each other when they were younger and often clashed.  Christian found Jane to be rather serious and forthright, always willing to criticise him, whereas Jane believed Christian to be a wastrel and a womaniser. Jane fears male contact and is adamant that she will not marry again and put herself at the mercy of another man. However, she slowly finds herself drawn to Christian romantically. She is torn between what she knows of Christian’s past behaviour and the actions he takes now, where she sees him care deeply for those around him and act with honour. Indeed, she thinks his considerate behaviour towards her is prompted by his desire to rescue her and not out of love. All this is at odds with the rumours about his sexual conquests and liking for violent sex.  She also fears that he will face trial for his sin of shooting the man in the duel.

I immediately liked Christian. He was reckless in his youth and got up to all sorts of adventures abroad, although Jane learns that his actions were not just about self-gratification but also about rescuing those less fortunate than himself. He is not afraid of using violence or the threat of violence against those who threaten those he loves. He recognises Jane’s fear of men early in the novel and it is to his credit that he strives to protect her from the sexual advances of a number of debauched men in and out of the club. When they eventually become lovers he is patient and attentive, realising that she has never known physical pleasure only abuse. There are nevertheless a number of sensual lovemaking scenes between them in some inventive locations!

There a number of secondary characters who naturally resent the couple investigating Del’s disappearance and other matters that come to light in their search for her. The plot develops swiftly and involves scenes at the club, blackmail, violence and murder. There are also a number of unexpected plot twists. With all of these obstacles, we are left wondering whether Jane and Christian can ever find their happy ever after.

I  recommend this novel if you enjoy Regency romances with added spice. I liked the fact that the plot revolved around the club and the underbelly of London and I enjoyed the interaction between the hero and heroine. The plot was complex and engaging and acted as an excellent counterpoint to the sex scenes. Due to the lovemaking scenes, I would class the novel as sensual in content and therefore suitable for those aged 18 and above.

Author’s website www.sharonpage.com

Published by Ebury Publishing, part of the Random House Group www.randomhouse.co.uk