*INTERVIEW* with Shannon A. Thompson and an EXCERPT from her forthcoming release SECONDS BEFORE SUNRISE!

Headshot of Shannon ThompsonToday we are delighted to feature an interview with Shannon A. Thompson, author of The Timely Death Trilogy, a Young Adult paranormal romance. The first novel in the series, Minutes Before Sunset, one of our top reads for 2013, was reviewed on this blog last year and I have re-posted it underneath this post to give you a chance to read about it again. It is a series which examines the elemental power struggle between Dark and Light and the power of love, destiny and self-sacrifice.  Paranormal romance lovers will not want to miss it!

Seconds Before SunriseLater this week, on 27th March, Shannon will be releasing the second novel in the trilogy, Seconds Before Sunrise. I was fortunate to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of this book to review and I’ll be posting my thoughts on it tomorrow – but I will say that it is just as an addictive read as the first instalment! Now over to Shannon!

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1.Your first published novel, November Snow, is a YA Sci-Fi tale and The Timely Death Trilogy is a YA paranormal. What do you think prompted you to write in these genres and have you any plans at the moment to write in another genre?

I’m actually a huge believer in writers exploring every possible genre they have time for. I have poetry and a short story (military fiction) published, too. Artists grow by pushing through their comfort boundaries. My next novel is going to be a YA, dystopian, but my most challenging work yet has been a novel directed at 20-somethings.

2. Your website is full of helpful advice to writers and aspiring writers. Can you describe your writing process in five words?

The characters are in charge.

3. Are any of the characters in your novels based on people you know or reflect elements of your own personality? As a writer how useful do you think the art of people watching is?

I don’t purposely base my characters off of real-life people, but after I’ve been removed from a piece for a few years, I start to see similarities. Watching people is really important, but I mainly study psychology and sociology in my spare time. In college, I was originally a psychology major, but I decided on English instead because I knew I had to follow my dream. I think I made the “write” decision.

4. If you could give an aspiring writer one tip, what would it be?

Write with passion; succeed with self-disicipline. This has been my personal mantra, but it mainly means this: if you remind yourself of how much you love writing, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams.

5. Congratulations on graduating from University and gaining your bachelor’s degree in English. What are your plans for the future and when do you hope to complete the final novel in The Timely Death Trilogy?

Thank you! It’s been a wild ride. The trilogy was actually completed before I ever submitted it to my publisher, so it’s already written. I plan on publishing the first of a new series before I publish the last book of my trilogy. I’m very excited for my next novel plans, too, because I think it’ll give my readers another range of emotions and experiences. It’s a lot more serious and dark, like November Snow is, but it’s going to be my first novel that is told from only one perspective. I also got to include pets this time!

6. What is your favourite genre to read and what are you reading at the moment?

The 5th Wave – my friend recommended it, and I’m always up for recommendations. I’m planning on reading more poetry next. I love poetry.

7. What do you love most about being a writer?

Being able to wake up and go to bed knowing that I am pursuing what I love and always will love. Too many people sacrifice their dreams, which is truly tragic, because I think our dream is how we ultimately express ourselves, even after we are long gone.

8.Tomorrow our blog is featuring our review of Seconds Before Sunrise, the second book in The Timely Death Trilogy. Do you want to say anything about the book or share anything about it with readers?

How about I give you an inclusive excerpt???


“Dad.” My tone was sharp. “You can’t change it now, and you shouldn’t want to.” I wanted to continue, but the door rattled with an assortment of rushed knocking.

“It’s probably Jonathon,” my dad said, standing, but I stopped him.

“I got it,” I said, walking downstairs to get it myself. My aggravation grew as Jonathon continued to knock. He knew Mindy and Noah wouldn’t be home. He could’ve transported in.

“You don’t have to knock—” I silenced when I opened the door and saw the person in front of me. Her hand hung in the air, ready to knock again, and her brown hair frizzed around her scowl. “Jessica—”

“We need to talk,” she said, barging into my house.

“Wha—what?” She was the last person I needed around me. “You can’t be here.”

“I don’t care,” she said.

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Thank you for the interview Shannon! Your answers to the questions are fascinating for both readers and writers to ponder. I particularly liked your answer that ‘the characters are in charge’ when you are writing. I also find that you delve deep into the characters’ psyches in your writing and this clearly reflects your interest in psychology. I am glad that you opted to follow your dream and wish you every success with your upcoming release Seconds Before Sunrise and your future works. Tina 🙂

To Find out More

You can read more here (http://www.amazon.com/Seconds-Before-Sunrise-Shannon-Thompson/dp/1940820030/ ) or if you want to check out the first novel, Minutes Before Sunset, click here (http://www.amazon.com/Minutes-Before-Sunset-Timely-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00CKN4RFE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392688743&sr=8-1&keywords=Minutes+Before+Sunset )

Minutes Before Sunset recently hit 100 ratings and 58 reviews with a 4.48 star average on Goodreads! (https://www.goodreads.com/series/121294-the-timely-death-trilogy)

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Minutes Before Sunset, by Shannon A Thompson

shan-003Epic Battle between Light and Dark – Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Minutes Before Sunset is the first book in Shannon A Thompson’s Timely Death Trilogy which tells of the elemental power struggle between Dark and Light. It is an amazingly well crafted and multifaceted novel with a fantastic hero and heroine and memorable supporting characters.

In Minutes Before Sunset, seventeen year old Eric Welborn lives in the Midwest town of Hayworth. Eric is a shade, not just any shade, but a descendant, destined by prophecy to battle with the descendant of Light, ancient enemies of the Dark, when he is eighteen, in a battle that will decide the fate of many. Eric has been rocked by tragedy in his life and his obligations weigh heavily on his shoulders, making him a loner, who fears to care for anyone, lest they be taken away from him. However, two encounters are about to change his life – one with Jessica Taylor, a new student at his high school and another, with a powerful, nameless shade, ignorant of her birthright and as such vulnerable to not only his shade community who do not trust outsiders, but also to the Light. He breaks the rules by not reporting her to his Elders and trains her to develop and control her powers, but cannot reveal all his secrets to her.

Jessica Taylor has moved to Hayworth with her adoptive parents, committed to finding out about her deceased biological family who were local to the town. To garner help from her adoptive parents in this quest they  require her to obtain perfect grades. This task appears impossible as she is paired with the taciturn Eric Welborn on a key science project. Eric is distant and preoccupied, often skipping class and is disinterested in completing the project with her. However,  not only will Jessica not fail her science project, but she also wants to find out more about his secrets and at the same time feels drawn to him.

As the battle between Light and Dark approaches Eric must devote more time to his training and remain focused. However, his thoughts often stray to the nameless shade, who grows more and more powerful and he is also distracted by Jessica, who piques his human side. Key players in the Light close in on Eric and he must protect those he cares about and keep himself alive until the battle commences, a battle he fears that he is destined to lose. Yet when he discovers that the Dark Elders have lied by omission about key elements of the prophecy, he feels deceived and the events which ensue threaten dire consequence for all he holds dear.

The cast of supporting characters is strong, from the adults to Eric and Jessica’s fellow pupils. The fact that neither the shades nor the Light  recognise each other easily in their human form adds an element of mystery to the plot and we as reader are therefore not party to the secret identity of  many characters. We can only guess at their true nature and I am sure that the author will reveal more in subsequent books in the trilogy.

Minutes Before Sunset is an original and compulsive read. The tale is told in the first person, with chapters told from the perspective of Eric and Jessica. This is effective in terms of both advancing the plot and giving depth to the characters. I particularly enjoyed the maturity and selflessness of the hero and heroine, Eric and Jessica, and found their growing attraction and love for one another both believable and sweet. The novel ends in such a way that I am chomping at the bit to read the next instalment.

Minutes Before Sunset is a magical, if slightly dark tale, containing romance and adventure, which explores fate and free will and self-sacrifice. I recommend it to readers of both adult and young adult paranormal romance.

To read author Shannon A Thompson’s author post, in which she talks about her inspiration behind the series, lease click here. Tina 🙂

Author Shannon A Thompson website

AEC Stellar Publishing

Cover artist Grace Griffin, Autumn Fog Photography