*REVIEW* ~ Going the Distance (No Excuses #1), by Mila Rossi

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Adult/18+ read


Once you slap the hell out of the light heavyweight champion of the world on the night of his first loss, how do you convince him to give you an interview? That’s the dilemma Samantha Wellington finds herself in after turning down the most desirable yet foul-mouthed athlete she’s come across. Unfortunately for her, her job depends on getting his interview and this boxer’s not talking.

When Trent “The Punisher” Page is humiliated by the spunky reporter, then cornered for an interview, he does what he does best: he plays dirty. He didn’t earn his nickname for being nice, after all. If the little minx wants to know more about him, she’ll have to pay with the one thing she’s not willing to give – herself.

Her elements of surprise meet their match in his determination to succeed. With vastly different motivations, can they break down the enemy without jeopardizing themselves?

DISCLAIMER: Due to Trent’s foul mouth and sexual situations, this book is intended for mature readers.

My Review

Sweet, Sassy and Sexy! ~ 4 smexy stars!

Mila Rossi’s Going the Distance contains a boxer who is facing the first disappointment of his hitherto stellar career and a sassy reporter who is trying to get an interview with him, the very man she rebuffed only days before! Samantha’s attempts to persuade the man-whore Trent to give her an interview without giving in to his, shall we say, less than honourable demands certainly make for a delightfully entertaining read!

Trent is attracted to Samantha and, smarting from her very public rejection of him, attempts to use the situation to his advantage. However, Samantha is no pushover and is adamant that she will not succumb to his wicked ways, refusing to be just another notch on his bedpost. She negotiates a series of ‘dates’ with Trent designed to persuade him to allow her the coveted interview and she finds herself becoming attracted to him more and more, as she realizes that there is more to this complex man than she initially thought.

Similarly Trent becomes more and more entertained and intrigued with Samantha’s attempts at persuasion and finds that he cannot get this persistent reporter out of his mind. However, Trent finds that he has to concentrate on regaining his fighting form and distractions such as Samantha can play no part in his life….

Overall the romance between Trent and Samantha is a sweet one, but that said there is plenty of smoking hot scenes and smexy banter between the potty mouthed straight talking Trent and the sassy Samantha.

If you are after a novella length sexy read and love tales of alpha males and spunky heroines you will love this read!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note that this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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**REVIEW** ~ In His Corner, by Vina Arno

Contemporary Romance

In His Corner

Book Blurb


No sex for almost a year could kill a guy, but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut, it’s the price you pay for turning pro. Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft, until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Siena Carr. Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild work-out…


Siena has seen many patients come through the ER, but none as sexy as Tommy Raines. With a nasty cut over his eye, she knows he needs stiches, but after he takes off his shirt, she needs some air. With rock-hard abs and taut biceps, it’s clear this man takes care of his body. And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers…

My Review ~ 4.5 stars!

Opposites Attract in this Sexy Sports Romance

In His Corner is a well written and sexy contemporary romance, where sparks and passion fly between two people who were born on opposite sides of the tracks. When boxer Tommy aka the Juggernaut and Siena, the serious and dedicated ER doctor, meet their attraction is instantaneous.

Despite Tommy’s advice to remain relationship free before his next big fight, he cannot let the chance to hook up with the reserved but sexy Siena pass him by, even though on the surface this straight laced miss, is way out of his league. Siena has only ever dated conservative, Ivy League guys, yet once she sets eyes on this hot male specimen she succumbs to his request for a date and literally becomes putty in his hands, unlocking some unexpected passion within her. Their relationship is both fun and hot as they both introduce each other to their respective worlds. Yet will their growing love and attraction be enough or will their different backgrounds and outlook mean their HEA is doomed?

I found the book a great read. Tommy is a super sexy guy and I loved how he encouraged Siena to push her boundaries both sexually and socially, without expecting her to change. By contrast Siena has a hard time accepting Tommy and his background, so different from her own, and tries to influence his tastes in clothes and foods. Tommy goes with the flow until her behaviour strikes at the very heart of what he is and it will take a lot of soul searching from Siena if their relationship is to last.

This entertaining and thought-provoking read is both hot and emotional and I recommend it to fans of contemporary romance, particularly if you enjoy sexy alpha males!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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