An introduction to local Tamworth horror author, SIMON GOODWIN

Hello readers, we are excited to be sharing an introduction with you of a local Tamworth horror author, Simon Goodwin, and a collection of his four novels released so far. Due to the genre of his books and the atmospheric artwork and blurbs, this collection would certainly be one to consider for the Halloween season! We hope that you enjoy an insight into Simon’s personal life with his author bio and taking a peek at his first four fab books.

Simon is attending the KWP Pre-Launch Event Urban Coffee Co in Birmingham city centre today, reading from his soon-to-be released Haunted Myths: Plenilunium!

Simon is also keeping himself busy trying to arrange a LitFest in Tamworth for 2015! We wish Simon all the best for his reading today, the success of his novels and bringing together the Tamworth community, authors and readers next year!

Image of Simon GoodwinAUTHOR BIO

Okay, what to say? Let’s start with the boring details before we get to the juicy bits! I am Simon Goodwin I am 46 years old and have been writing since I was at school, but this is my first foray into publishing of any description (I have sent manuscripts to publishers and Agents only to receive the standard ‘Thanks but no thank’ reply, or more likely no reply at all). I am what is commonly known as a geek. I love Science Fiction (Especially Star Wars- I can quote all 6 films word for word), the supernatural, paranormal, fantasy etc etc. I love anything remotely in the genre.

I am married (maybe I should’ve put that first- might still do if the wife sees this), to a beautiful woman(there, that’s a few brownie points), and am a carer for my father. My wife and I have 5 dogs, four cats, two budgies, goldfish(indoor and out) and a tortoise called Yoda (see Geek!), and a bearded dragon called Loki My dream is to walk into a bookshop (or look on Amazon of course) and see my book for sale(Amazon I Love You). I have worked in numerous fields, including in a cinema, in a Disney Store and in numerous warehouses. So that’s me.

If you like what you read then let me know, if you don’t let me know. If you want to chat, let me know. I’m here to stay now…..

Child of Woe, Dark Hunter (Children of Woe, Dark Hunters Book 1)CHILD OF WOE, DARK HUNTER (CHILDREN OF WOE, DARK HUNTERS #1)  

The reports were growing in number: the Dead rising, zombies attacking people, others being found across the world drained of blood, and still others being torn apart by supposed wild animals in the middle of big cities. Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and they are just the beginning.

The Walls between myth and reality are faltering and soon those walls will be gone and the Earth will become a battleground of chaos. As governments falter and civilisation tips ever closer to the abyss, one man and his dog find themselves on a journey home. It is a journey that will take them through hell and back.

Available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

The Dark Ire: Children of Woe, Dark Hunters Book 2THE DARK IRE (CHILDREN OF WOE, DARK HUNTERS #2) Dragons, Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Centaurs, Trolls, and a world in chaos. This sequel to Child of Woe, Dark Hunters.The Dark One’s are returned. They have come back now as civilisation collapses. Mankind, once the prime predator has found itself hunted by creatures out of myth and legend, and as old alliances and governments fall so new ones are born. Amid the chaos, some will band together to fight the coming darkness, whilst others will use this new beginning to their own advantage.

Brent Havin and his newly formed group of Dark Hunters are determined to fight back against those they know to be responsible. Yet they will be forced to make a deal with the devil in order to gain a foothold in a world that is slowly spiralling towards the abyss. Along the way, new alliances will be forged, and old enemies returned, but they will also see that the concerns for the fate of the Earth stretches beyond its orbit into myriad worlds beyond.

Available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

The Forgotten Graveyard: Book I of the Four and the SevenTHE FORGOTTEN GRAVEYARD (FOUR AND SEVEN #1)

There is a graveyard, a lonely place that has ancient stones of long dead are left to erode with time. There are no visitors here anymore, only memories of what was lost by those who remain.

John Eagan is new to the area, and he finds the graveyard only because it is part of the grounds of the ancient church that has been left to him as part of legacy from an unknown Great Aunt, she also left him a cottage called Ballengah. He finds himself involved in something that will set him as a guardian against a wave of darkness that could not only envelope the small village of Lowfields, but the world itself.

Evil lies dormant once forgotten, but once remembered it can only grow and evolve.

Available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Playground of the Gods (Apocalypse Nexus)PLAYGROUND OF THE GODS (APOCALYPSE NEXUS)

As Hell spills open and humanity teeters on the edge of a biblical apocalypse, a select group of people will come together to stand against the Dark Angels themselves. Vampires, zombies and demons will stand in their way. Amos Grosvenor is a 500 year old Sentinel, created by the Angelic Host to maintain the balance between Heaven and Hell whilst also protecting the Royal bloodline. He will lead a small group of humans, animals, Gnomes and Imps, as well as a solitary dragon to a final showdown with the Fallen. B

ut the path will be a long and winding one and along the way an age old prophecy will unfold and a country will fall.

So begins the Oldest story of all, of Good versus the Ultimate Evil.

And should the Seventh Seal break, then Hell will unleash the Lord of Darkness himself.

Available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.