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Books I’ve read recently

assassin%20(1).jpg.opt134x203o0,0s134x203[1]I read and reviewed Samantha Holt’s The Angel’s Assassin, which takes place in medieval England. If you have read my review you know that I enjoyed this immensely. The hero, a dark mercenary knight, is not only an alpha, but a tortured alpha. The woman he is sent to kill is the very woman that melts his heart!


15724366[1]-002I also re-read Connie Balfour’s Deceptive Lord, (Lords of Bondage Series #1). I read this last year before we began our blog and it is one of those unforgettable reads that I just had to share. The story takes place in an alternate Earth, at first in Flourda, in the household of a deranged dominatrix Countess Nefertiti, who keeps a male harem, which is on the receiving end of her depraved passions. The hero of the tale, Drest, an alien/Druid hybrid from the land of Asstrumnia, infiltrates her household on a mission from his king. In escaping Nefertiti’s clutches, he kidnaps Lady Eden Avenal, Nefertiti’s half-sister, and transports her to Asstrumnia, rendering her a captive in an alien land. I have posted this on our Sizzle and Burn site. It is a very naughty and humorous romp! For adult readers.

I also read a couple of novels that I don’t plan to do a detailed review of but which I found to be great reads:

Kristen Ashley’s Knight, book 1 in her Unfinished Heroes Series, an erotic romance. This is the first book I have read from this author and the characters are addictive. The main character, Knight, is an alpha male and an anti-hero.  He has had a dark past and lives life on the wrong side of the law, although he has his own code of honour.  He meets a young woman, Anya, who does not belong to his world, and although he does not think he will be good for her they begin a passionate affair. Knight is  very dominant in and out of the bedroom and I enjoyed all of the scenes the main couple had together! The main tension in the plot not only came from whether Anya enjoyed Knight’s dominance but also whether she could accept him for what he was, especially when the extent of his operations comes to light. It was a super hot, romantic read and I will be reading Kristen Ashley again.

Elizabeth Hoyt’s To Desire a Devil, is a great conclusion to her Legend of the Four Soldiers Series. Each story has centred on one of the four soldiers who survived the betrayal of their regiment and suffered torture at the hands of natives in the American colonies. In this instalment, Reynaud St Aubyn  returns to Georgian England seven years after being presumed dead, to reclaim his Earldom, after being enslaved by the natives who tortured his fellow soldiers. He is a scarred hero, inside and out, and I loved the way he courted the heroine, Beatrice, the neice of the current Earl.

The main tension in the plot is whether Reynaud can reclaim his title, as he is suffering from post combative stress disorder and it is in the interests of others to prove him insane. There is also the matter of who is responsible for the attempts on his life and what impact these events and his state of mind have on his relationship with the heroine. I love reading Elizabeth Hoyt, as her heroes and heroines and the situations she puts them in are always so original. I have read all of her books now and am eagerly awaiting the next in her Maiden Lane Series.

Happy reading!

Tina 🙂

Deceptive Lord (Lords of Bondage) cover art by kind permission of Corinne Balfour