**REVIEW** Help, I’ve Been Abducted by an Alien! by Juliet Cardin

Help, I've Been Abducted by an Alien!Author: Juliet Cardin

Title: Help, I’ve Been Abducted by an Alien!

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance, Erotica

Release Date: December 15th, 2014

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC

Length: 66 pages

Blurb: Jen joins an alien-abductee group in order to secretly write an article on the subject. Her plans take an unexpected turn when she encounters a UFO in her neighborhood park and gets abducted for real.

Lysander, her sexy captor, informs Jen he’s not taking her home. Earth, he confides, is soon to be impacted by an asteroid and then invaded by a hostile lizard race. Jen is determined to find a way to escape Lysander–who is hell-bent on having her for himself–and return to Earth, before it is too late to prevent its annihilation.  


This short story is a thoroughly enjoyable read. There is so much packed into the story it felt like I had read a longer book. It captures the reader from the very beginning, making it quite a believable read as Jen attends an alien-abductee group to write an article, not believing a word from the attendees – until it happens to her!

Lysander is very likable, and even though he wants to keep Jen from returning home it is clear he means her no harm. But, he does want her to belong to him! Although looking for ways to escape, when she is caught in his intensity (and even at times when she’s not) she cannot help but surrender to his heat!

“Well, if I had to be stranded on an alien planet, I couldn’t have handpicked a sexier companion.”

As well as having the heat turned up, Help, I’ve Been Abducted by an Alien! is also full of adventure. After finding out about Earth’s fate, Jen is desperate to return to Earth and warn the human race. Lysander knows of the consequences and more, which is partly why he keeps her with him. But Jen’s character is strong and so is her will!

As well as having fun, believable characters and an enjoyable storyline, it is also well written and flows nicely. I do love how Juliet Cardin has gained the reader’s attention by beginning the story with Jen as a non-believer in the abductees stories but then having to believe them after she shares a similar experience. It is certainly a read I would love to read again. Any sci-fi erotic romance fan is sure to love this little story!

Help, I’ve Been Abducted by an Alien! was provided by Torrid Press (part of Whiskey Creek Press) in return for an honest and fair review.

Help, I’ve Been Abducted by an Alien! by Juliet Cardin is available at Torrid Press, Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

*Review* HOT Festive short story ~ Candy Cain by C.L. Scholey

CANDY CAIN by C.L. Scholey - Click Image to CloseAuthor: C.L. Scholey

Title: Candy Cain

Genre: Festive, Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Release Date: 02 December 2014

Publisher: Torrid Press/Whiskey Creek Press

Length: 55 pages (est)

Blurb: Candy is on top of the world. She’s a high priced corporate lawyer with expensive cars, time on her hands, and money to burn. Although, she has no one to burn it on, except for a yearly ritual of buying toys and treats for the needy at Christmas time.

Cain is an egotistical enigma. A very deprived and hurting enigma, who feels wishes are for fools. A car accident leaves them stranded together, and the two have no choice but to warm each other’s cold bodies, lest they freeze to death.

As the temperature dips outside, the heat begins to sizzle inside. Candy and Cain, though worlds apart in society, begin to feel perhaps they have more in common than either could ever wish for.

Will they both discover the miracle of Christmas wishes isn’t just for the very young? 


In this recently released festive short story we have a very strong conflict between the main two characters, Candy and Cain. But despite their differences, circumstances lead them to be stranded together and the result is some very hot, steamy moments of passion between them that will leave you hoping for more!

Candy has had a tough life, yet she has made a great career for herself in becoming a corporate lawyer. She is grateful for her upbringing, no matter how poor her family’s status was, and feels like she can now give something back to similar families and their children who appreciate her kindness and goodwill. But, the one thing that Candy doesn’t have in her life now is love – love from a family, love from a man. She is lonely, and the one wish she does have for Christmas is quickly taken from her mind with the thought that:

‘Christmas wishes were for children.’

Personally, this is something I have never believed and never will. But Candy, remaining realistic and mature pushes her fleeting thought to the back of her mind.

When she first bumps into Cain, although there was an initial attraction with this slightly dishevelled but handsome man, with a large, warm chest, there is instantly a love/hate relationship developing as they comment in adolescent ways to each other. The reader can sense both characters being a little irked with the other.

A little later, when they both become stranded together, the tension is and still there and Cain seems quite mysterious. His hard, outer shell displaying some annoyance with Candy and yet he does all he can (plus more!) to ensure that they both survive the freezing, cold night. It begins to get a little sexy between them as they only have a blanket and each other’s bodies to keep them warm in the cab of his truck, and while Candy’s thinking sensual thoughts, Cain begins carrying them out!

‘It was an odd mixture of entrapment and safety.’

During the time they have known each other, they have been judgmental towards each other, not realising the truth of their backgrounds and true feelings. But maybe they both have something in common. They have both experienced loss, and it can feel even worse at this time of year. But will they both realise this before they go their separate ways?

Candy Cain offers all you would want in a festive story: there’s the heart-warming moments of caring for the needy and their gratitude, the Christmas shopping, the presents, the snow and, of course, the romance. It is a fun and quirky read at moments, as well as being suspenseful in other instances. I am certainly looking forward to reading more from this author.

A copy of C.L. Scholey’s ‘Candy Cain’ was provided by Torrid Press for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker


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