Author post/biog by Tim O’Rourke

Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy, #2)Hi guys, following our review of Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy, Book 2) we have a fantastic author post/biog from my favourite author, Tim O’Rourke! We would like to thank Tim for taking the time to write this for A Reader’s Review Blog. We hope you all enjoy this treat as much as we did. Over to you, Tim :-

“I started writing at the age of fourteen. As a kid I had struggled with reading and writing, but after discovering the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I started to write myself. I wrote mainly short stories at first and these were often about ghosts or had some kind of macabre undertone. In fact, Isidor’s ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ which I included at the end of Kiera Hudson, Kiera Hudson‘Dead Angels’ (Kiera Hudson Series Two) Book 2 were all written by me between the ages of 14 and 15. I included those stories as Isidor was about 14 when he wrote them deep within the Hollows, so I thought they would be quite fitting.

Just like Isidor, I continued to read and write and it became my passion. I was taught to read by a dear friend, who just like Melody Rose, sat with me for hours and hours as I tried to make sense of the words.

I wrote poems, books and plays all the way through college, although I never tried to get any of my work published at that time. I didn’t have the confidence in myself or my writing. Shoot forward in time twenty or more years, and it wasn’t until my wife pulled a huge box from beneath the stairs and asked, “Tim what’s the point in writing all this stuff if you never share it with anyone?”, that I thought perhaps she had a point. I spent the next few years sending my work out to publishers and agents but without success. It wasn’t until I had written the first ‘Doorways’ book and ‘Black Hill Farm’ book that I decided I wouldn’t send them out to publishers or agents but publish them myself on Amazon. I remember thinking to myself as I hit the upload button on Amazon, that I would be happy if I sold 50 books. To my surprise, I sold more than that. Kiera HudsonBut it wasn’t until I wrote the first Kiera Hudson book (Vampire Shift) that things really changed for me. That book sold really well and still does two years later. Kiera Hudson seemed to connect with people. I get more emails about Kiera then any of my other characters. People really seem to love the character and identify with her on some level. I think it’s because Kiera struggles and each of us do that every single day one way or another.

It’s kind of odd because as a teenager I remember reading that Conan Doyle got tired of writing about Sherlock Holmes – so much so that he killed Holmes off in ‘The Final Problem’. At the time there was a public outcry demanding that Holmes be bought back to life. Kiera HudsonNow, I’ve not had anything like that and I wouldn’t compare my writing or characters to those created by the genius Conan Doyle, but when I let it be known that there wouldn’t be any more Kiera Hudson books after ‘Vampire Hollows (Kiera Hudson Series One) Book 5, I did get my fair share of emails asking me to write more Kiera books. It was then I realised how fond and attached some people had come to this character. So before publishing ‘Vampire Hollows’ I went back and rewrote the ending, leaving the pages open for more Kiera Hudson adventures. I’m now writing the eighth Kiera Hudson book in the second series and I’m very glad that I am. Unlike Conan Doyle, who really didn’t want to write any more Holmes books, I do want to write more Kiera Hudson books but only if I can think of great adventures for her to have. I do have a third series planned. But like Conan Doyle and his relationship with Holmes, there are plenty of other stories I want to tell other than those about Kiera Hudson. I have so many characters roaming around in my head that want to be let out, that’s why this year, I have taken so time away from Kiera, and written stories about some of those other characters whose stories I want to tell. I absolutely love writing about Sydney Hart and I have plenty more mysteries for her to solve – I can’t wait to start writing them. There is also Winter McCall and Thaddeus Blake from my ‘Moon Trilogy’, who I also love writing about. Thaddeus and Winnie are kind of special to me as I wrote the first draft of ‘Moonlight’ when I was 14. I’ve made some changes to the overall story but it remains pretty much the same. In fact, if you read the first draft it is virtually identical to what you read today – other than Winnie was originally called Frannie. Thaddeus had an identical twin brother in the original story, but that was edited out. Ruby Little was a new character I introduced and I’ve had a lot of fun writing about her.

In ‘Moonbeam’, I really wanted to explore Thaddeus’ back story as I knew it would impact on the rest of the series. Thaddeus is a mystery not only to the reader but to me also. He seems quite allusive not only on the page but inside my head too. I know Thaddeus’ story and how it ends in for him and Winnie and I think the reader will be more surprised by what happens than in any of my other series. Like all of my books, I have been dropping clues since ‘Moonlight’ Book 1 and even more in ‘Moonbeam’ Book 2. At the end of book 3, ‘Moonshine’, I’m hoping the reader will gasp as all the little pieces of the jigsaw slide into place. I’m hoping to have ‘Moonshine’ published by the end of the year.

Between now and then, I will be publishing ‘Dead Push’ (Kiera Hudson Series Two) Book 7 at the end of July, then I’m doing the rewrites for ‘Flashes’. Over the coming months I will be writing the second Samantha Carter book, ‘Dead Lost’ (Kiera Hudson Series Two) Book 8, the final ‘Doorways’ book and working on ‘Pick’ which is a zombie novel I’m writing with my son. There are some more surprises to come, but they wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you about them now!”


You can find my review of Tim’s Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy, Book 2) below or by clicking on the link in the title. Check out our blog over the coming days for a giveaway of Tim’s Moonlight (The Moon Trilogy, Book 1) and also Vampire Shift (Keira Hudson, Series One Book One)! Both books will be paper copies and signed by Tim O’Rourke himself!!! – Caroline Barker, A Reader’s Review Blog

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