Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy, Book Two) by Tim O’Rourke

Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy, #2)Wow! Wow! And wow! Tim O’Rourke never ceases to amaze as reading his books provides the reader with shock after shock! Recommended for readers of 17 yrs and over, Moonbeam (Book 2 of The Moon Trilogy) is a very dark paranormal horror that also ticks all of the boxes when it comes to drama, love, action and adventure as well as it’s fair share of gore.

After being acquainted with the characters of Moonlight (The Moon Trilogy, Book One), Thaddeus Blake and Winter McCall – where the setting was, if anything, a little eerie and strange – the  reader was provided with a great deal of action as the story unfolded and especially towards the end which is right where Moonbeam takes over. Thaddeus’ mansion is left burning as Thad and Winnie make their way to Scotland  in the hope of finding the Moonbeam, as well as trying to escape from the police and the vampires that will be sure to hunt them down.

The Moonbeam is a precious stone believed to destroy all of the vampires and it may be Thad’s only hope in preventing the vampires fom tracking him. Unfortunately, even this precious stone does not come without its history, as Thaddeus is well aware. Thaddeus had the Moonbeam in his possession many years before and it had caused nothing but deep, dark troubles – all of which the reader hears about as the story drifts in and out of the present to Thaddeus’ dark past. It seems that with small doses of happiness, Thad’s life has been overrun with tragedy. As we learn more of Thaddeus’ history the reader cannot help but feel for him deeply, which is a different take of him than we are used to with Moonlight.

Events and settings are not so eerie and strange in Moonbeam as Thaddeus and Winnie have a deeper understanding of each other. Winnie has to come to terms with the events that have taken place and the reader hopes that she can put her trust in Thaddeus to look out for her and protect her. As we begin book 2 the adventure is well under way, not only with Thad and Winnie travelling to Scotland, but with the police following up on Thaddeus’ burning mansion and trying to locate him. Therefore, there is a faster pace throughout Moonbeam. However, the horror is as equal to or even moreso in Moonbeam especially the scenes of Ruby Little (the ghost of Winnie’s best friend) that are very disturbing. You’ll definitely be wanting to pull those bed covers over you when you read this!

As I explained in my review of Moonlight (Book 1 of The Moon Trilogy), at the time I wanted to jump into the story to pull Winnie out – to free her from all danger and from the strange Thaddeus. However, with Moonbeam I wanted to be Winnie, in the knowledge that Thaddeus would protect me from danger and that my feelings towards him were growing stronger. In a short space of time she has come so far with Thad; after him finding her begging on the streets of London, offering her accommodation in return for her to carry out household duties (and occasionally stand in the moonlight!) and then being attacked and watch their home burn to presently making their way to Scotland.

With every one of Tim O’Rourke’s sequels I have read so far they can all be read as stand alone’s as Tim is kind enough and clear enough to provide just enough information for the reader to understand the characters and the events taking place. HOWEVER, the reader will seriously be missing out on sooo much more! I strongly recommend that the earlier books are read to completely follow these characters on their great journey, to see them blossom. And I can promise you that you’ll fall in love with them.

I loved every page of Moonbeam until I reached those dreaded words, ‘To be continued…’, at which point I just wanted to scream, ‘No! How can he do this?!’ Talk about leaving the reader in suspense! ‘That’s a little dramatic!’ I hear you say in regards to my reaction – well, you most probably haven’t read a Tim O’Rourke book. They are frightfully addictive, powerful, exciting, horrific and fun. Believe me, you’ll constantly find yourself rooting for your favourite characters as Tim passes his passion onto the reader!!!

Moonbeam was provided by the author, Tim O’Rourke, for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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