Confessions of a Bookaholic

TinaDo You Recognise Yourself? – Take our Fun Quiz and Find Out!

During my recent vacation I had some time to ponder my reading addiction, book buying and hoarding habits. I came to the conclusion that I am a serious bibliophile, nay, bookaholic!

Why not take this fun quiz to discover whether you too have any of the characteristics/habits that I have unscientifically identified to see if you are too? Feel free to share your score with those also afflicted via this blog’s comments section and any additional habits not identified in this post.

1. Is your e-reader/bookshelf full to bursting with books that you have purchased, got hold of for free or downloaded as a sample?

2. When friends/relatives ask you what you have been up to recently do your thoughts immediately go to the adventures of the heroes and heroines in your most recent reads?

3. Are you unaware of the names of popular celebrities or TV programmes but can easily list authors’ book series and the various heroes and heroines?

4. If given £100 to spend in a town you have not visited before would you prefer to spend the time and money checking out book bargains or rare book finds in the bookshops or shopping in boutiques?

5. Have you ever listed the names and addresses of a town’s charity shops , with the sole purpose of visiting them to investigate their collection of second hand books?

6. Have you ever hidden books that you have purchased from your parents/partner?

7. Do you usually prefer the book to the film?

8. Do you borrow from a lending library? Do staff there know you on sight and/or by name? Do you order books from other libraries as you have exhausted all but new acquisitions in your preferred genres?

9.  Are your computer favourites festooned with the blog sites of your favourite authors or review sites?

10. Are you a member of sites such as Goodreads or Smashwords?

11. If given an Amazon gift card do you only think of spending it on books?

12. Do you read reviews or post reviews?

13. Do you have a huge wish list of books that you have yet to purchase but want to read?

14. Did you play at libraries as a child?

15. As a child did you ever read a book under the cover of darkness as it was time for lights out?

Count up the number of the above questions that you answered YES to and read on for the diagnosis………………

1-4 – Your reading is not excessive and you have a healthy, well balanced life. But think how much more exciting it could be if you read more!

5-9 – You are on a slippery slope. It could go either way!

10 and above – You have a serious book addiction! Seek help, take up physical exercise or origami  or put up and shut up and become a book blogger.

Happy reading!

Tina 🙂

Post image by Catherine Williams



About Tina Williams

Book reviewer and blogger and co-organiser of Tamworth (UK) Literary Festival

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. I’m definitely a bookaholic. Serious addiction! Great quiz – and I loved the illustration! 🙂

    • Thanks Helena. Glad you liked the quiz. Once I started to think of all the different examples of the things I do or have done in the past to ensure that I always have a good read handy, I could not stop and realised how ridiculous it may seem! My daughter provided the illustration – my drawing skills have not progresses much beyond stick men and women. 🙂

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