Hunter on a Moonless Night, by Elena Han

hunterDark and Erotic Fantasy Romance                       

Adult content/Short (8,000 words)

Hunter on a Moonless Night is a short, sexy and erotic read by author Elena Han who writes dark erotic fantasies. I downloaded this a few months ago, the same time as I purchased her novel, Taken to the Ebon Court, which I am looking forward to reading very soon.

In Hunter on a Moonless Night, Lord Duinel returns to his ancestral home of Morahan after a time away fighting in the desert. He carries with him a dark and terrifying secret, which is known to his subjects, a curse that he is powerless to prevent…. The curse manifests itself once a year on the night of the first black moon. Immediately on his return he encounters a captivating young woman, Nimae, who he is surprised to learn is working in the stables of his manor. Nimae has grown up in the woods and came to Morahan and was invited to stay, after carrying out the last request of a dying Knight she tended. Duinel and Nimae very quickly develop a mutual attraction and Nimae is more than happy to oblige her new lord in any way he wishes – cue some hot and passionate scenes!

Duinel plans to warn her about the curse and tell her to stay inside out of danger. However, the moonless night approaches and Duinel is powerless to prevent what comes next. What will Nimae think when she finds out the terrifying secret he has and the part he plays in this rite and will her own life be forfeit in the process?

I loved the fact that this tale, set in a medieval type world, contained magic and curses and alluded to aspects of ancient mythology. Although a short read it is well written and executed and contains a number of passionate and erotic scenes which I enjoyed and some lively banter between the hero and heroine, whose characters are well drawn. It is an excellent introduction to the author’s work and the genre of dark erotic fantasy which I love to read from time to time.

I am very much looking forward to reading her complete novel Taken to the Ebon Court, another erotic dark fantasy romance, which tells of a half-demon general who conquers Irizel’s homeland and claims her as his own. When he discovers her healing powers, he forces her to accompany him to the Ebon Court–a nest of political intrigue and carnal decadence–so that she might heal his hybrid infertility. The proof he demands: she must bear his child. This promises to be a mouthwatering read!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

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