Sins of the Reaper, #10 in the WesternWind series, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

17257961Epic and Erotic Dark Fantasy Adventure!!!

Erotic Post Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi/Dark Fantasy Romance – Graphic Sexual content/language 18+/Adult Read

Charlotte Boyett-Compo pulls no punches in this tale which oozes big time with adventure, suspense and passion in an elemental battle between good and evil. I am still reeling after the read, which continues her WesternWind series and contains her signature Reapers, handsome and deadly Alpha Werewolf shape shifters, whose bloodlust can only be controlled by withholding or providing sustenance, and who can only be tamed and saved from themselves by the female destined to be their mate. Sins of the Reaper follows on seamlessly from the last instalment, Dark Reaper, but it can be read as a standalone.

Book Blurb (scroll down for review)

Brothers reunited. Lovers claimed. Warriors from all over the mega-verse coming together in pursuit of a single goal—to combat an evil that would enslave and destroy them all. Amazeen warrioress Penthe will allow no man to best her in battle. She slakes her lust with a succession of lovers, but has vowed she will never mate. Yet when she meets the Panthera cat shifter Bane, she may have met her match between the sheets. Bane is riddled with scars, of both the body and the soul, but Penthe vows that her warrior spirit and womanly body will help to make him whole again.

Inside Scoop: This book contains graphic scenes of sexual torture, references to child abuse and the extensive violence that is part and parcel of the Reapers’ harsh world, as well as erotic male/male flirtation.

My Review

This is a dark and stirring tale, at the heart of which is the romance between Amazeen warrioress Penthe and the Panthera cat shifter leader Bane, a man with a tortured past and who has experienced the evil of the enemy first hand. Others too find their fated mates and brothers are reunited, as the Reapers and their allies strive to destroy the Ceannus base on Terra. However, not all reunions are welcomed and one in particular causes tension in the warrior ranks and another threatens the life and sanity of Bane himself in some harrowing scenes.

The story follows on from the events which occurred at the end of the previous novel, where a band of Panthera warriors appear, sent by the Father God to help the Reapers based on Terra to destroy the Ceannus. The Panthera are also Reapers but are cat shifters and differ in some fundamental ways not least the fact that it was the Father God who created them not the Triune Goddess. The inevitable tension between two groups of male warriors is both amusing and eventful! Although, the warriors know that they have to join together to accomplish their task and there is many a strained and humorous moment as they learn to work together as a credible fighting unit. The homoerotic scenes as one of the Reapers meets his Panthera mate are particularly entertaining.

I liked the instant attraction between Penthe and Bane, who waste no time in becoming intimately acquainted – cue for the first of many hot scenes! Bane, a fearsome warrior, has had a past more tortured than most and bears scars inside and out and is a fascinating character as he is both strong but vulnerable. The heroine Penthe brings the term kick-ass heroine to a new level – at times even some of the Reapers are in awe of her actions! Bane is just the mate she needs to complement her strong nature yet at the same time make her feel more womanly than any other man has done in the past. There are some scorching and inventive love-making scenes between the couple and some touching moments.

In terms of its content, the novel is a dark read at times, reflecting the nature of the evil that the Reapers and their allies are out to destroy. The battle scenes are bloody, visceral and heart stopping as one would expect and I loved them! This is balanced with plenty of romance, humour, hot erotic love making scenes and adventure that kept me glued to my Kindle. The bad guys and gals in this novel, the Ceannus, are truly evil, with a grotesque appearance, a sadistic nature and an evil agenda to subjugate other life forms throughout the mega-verse and bend them to their will. Tears came to my eyes towards the end as I felt so connected to the emotions of the characters.

There are many characters and sub plots in this novel, picking up on past events and they are cleverly woven into the narrative. I particularly liked the one concerning the Reaper Cynyr Cree, his Lady Aingeal and Lord Kheelan, with whom I am developing a major crush on!!!

Sins of the Reaper is a must read for fans of Charlotte Boyett-Compo and highly recommended to lovers of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction who like tortured alpha warriors, erotic love making scenes and the elemental battle between good and evil.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Publisher Ellora’s Cave

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About the Author

Charlotte Boyett-Compo is the author of over 80 books. She writes novels that encompass science-fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romantica, Horror, Mystery, Thriler and Post –Apocalyptic Western novels. She is the creator of the Reaper, handome and deadly Alpha male shapeshifters with tortured souls that can only be tamed by the female destined to be their mate.

About Tina Williams

Book reviewer and blogger and co-organiser of Tamworth (UK) Literary Festival

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