Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 by HogWild

Hilarious? Crazy? Outrageous? I’ll let you decide!

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WARNING: Content may not be suitable for people offended by naughty words, honest thoughts about love, and sexual thoughts of sextastic sex with sexy people.

(Edited synopsis due to rude words that may not be suitable for all) From the book…

A lot of girls like a guy who is a bad-ass. That’s why my conversations with women go like this:

GIRL: I like a man of danger.

ME: Come back to my place and we’ll open the .exe attachments in my email!

Dear Shirtless Guy in his Profile Picture, you REALLY want to impress girls? Get a job and pose in front of your cubicle.

They say you can get a girl to like you, if you can make her jealous. So I make sure the girl sees me with a pretty expensive handbag!

Girls like when you tell them about the adorable things that children do. For instance, like when my little nephew asked me, “When babies are in the tummy do they use mommy’s belly button as a window?”


Thank God he didn’t ask what they use as a door!


Although not a book I would usually choose to read, the author, HogWild, brought his book to my attention and my choice to review ‘Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 (101 Funny Love Advice Answers, 20 Sexy Stories, & Lots of Jokes)’ was to add something a little extra to our blog in terms of comedic value, and to delve into the more dangerous and daring of comedies. Therefore, Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 is a heavily focused comedic book of sex and sex stories. It may be a little too near the knuckle for some as it is quite crude in parts and HogWild is quite a loud, outrageous and in-yer-face type of comedian. This book is best read as pure comedic entertainment with a side order of advice every now and again. If taken too seriously some areas could possibly offend.

Now, as a reviewer of books I have to say that the layout and editing of Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 could be much better for the reader to follow each joke. Some jokes tend to run into each other, making it a little difficult to know exactly when one joke ends and the next begins. Sometimes the joke is best read twice before the reader can clearly see where HogWild is going. However, it does become easier to read as you continue through the book as the reader becomes accustomed to the style of the context and layout.

I did find that whilst some jokes made me smile and laugh at times, there were those that I found a little too far fetched or simply cringeworthy. However, as a DJ and comedian I expect that HogWild’s fans and followers are used to hearing his voice in person, over the radio or even on video’s on YouTube. Therefore, some of the jokes would probably be more suited to be heard in this manner than to be read in a book, especially as the viewer/listener would be able to hear the whole context of the joke and to put Hog’s tone of voice with that for a more exciting and audio/visual outcome.

That is not to say that Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 didn’t make me laugh or cheer me up at times. I found the best way to read this book was to pick it up and read jokes in-between my daily routines, rather than expect to sit and read for half an hour or so at a time. This way when I break away from chores, or more serious reads, I find myself easily enlightened to the comedy of this book.

A slight criticism I would add, which slightly spoilt some jokes for me, is HogWild’s manner to laugh at his own jokes so openly and at times, slap his own leg/knee in fits of giggles. It felt at times that he was guiding the reader to laugh at those moments and not when they necessarily naturally would. Again, I think seeing HogWild on stage, or listening to him on air would be a completely different experience.

With a little help with planning, layout and editing this book could have been much better. But, if you fancy a giggle at some outrageous advice or sex story then Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 could be a book for you!

Received gratefully from the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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