*BOOK IN FOCUS* Living Life Backwards, by Peter Wells

~Temptation in Paradise~

Today we are highlighting the novel LIVING LIFE BACKWARDS by Peter Wells. I have been reading Peter’s work on his blog, COUNTING DUCKS, on which he shares his unique take on life through his writing, for over a year now. His work is full of wisdom, witticism and wry humour, often leading me to stop and think about my own life and the human condition in general. In LIVING LIFE BACKWARDS, Peter’s first novel, he focuses on the issues of temptation, hidden desire and obsession, which the hero of the tale struggles to control.

Read on for the book blurb, an excerpt, purchase links and how to contact the author. Also look out for my review of the novel, which I  am looking forward to reading very soon. Tina 🙂


Book Blurb

Having spent his childhood in a barren emotional wasteland overseen by a father who valued order above feeling, Bill finally meets a woman who leads him to a place he can call home. Arriving in the small coastal town in England with his new wife, he finds that he is quickly assimilated into her community and extended family. With his somewhat murky past behind him, he forges a new life within a solid, caring community and discovers what being valued means. As it happens, his wife appears to be overly interested in “organizing” everything and everyone around her, including her young cousin who is the apple of her father’s eye.

Within the garden of Eden Bill knows he can show no interest in this apple called Misty. He knows the price of doing so, and the value of what he now enjoys. Will that be enough to protect him from desire? Luck is with him: she has no interest in him. But what if circumstances where to change and she looked at her world and him with new eyes. Would he cling to common sense?

With the hand of a surgeon, Peter Wells gently probes the thoughts of the mundane to seek those corners that still long for adventure. Those bits and pieces of each of us that gaze out on the world and find something to settle on and wonder… Tenderly touching the wounded, lonely parts of his character’s hearts, Peter gently leads them to a destiny they never could have imagined on their own. When an Obsession knocks on the doors of your Paradise, should they remain closed?


Here Bill, now introduced to the wider family as the boyfriend and potential husband of Katie, as admired for being so, first claps eyes on Misty, and immediately senses  the danger he would be in if he let his feelings run away with him………

“As I mingled with the party making small talk, a girl walked out of the house, looked around her, and then went up to Mr Potts, as I then called him, and kissed him on the cheek. To say she was attractive does not capture the quality of intoxication I experienced on seeing her, but remember, I was being feted as the new and sober beau of her cousin, and as such, I could admit no interest. When we were finally introduced, I kept my expression as blank as possible but, even at our initial meeting, there was something knowing and even intimate about her, as if she sensed a special connection. I later learnt, from observation that she did that with most men, and how she had remained single was not easy to understand. In hindsight, I think she liked to tease but not to play. She lived at home in a small community with her parents who were over-protective, or I thought so. It was not easy to remain impassive. Clearly, I wanted to know anything I could about her but could show no interest. Riding one horse while admiring another is no easy task – I knew that already – but knowing and understanding are two different things as I learnt to my cost”.

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