Spotlight on *The Warrior Queen # 1 in The Guinevere Trilogy* by Lavinia Collins

Guinevere’s Story

book oneThe Warrior Queen is the debut novel of Lavinia Collins. It is a historical/fantasy romance set in Arthurian Britain, published by Not So Noble Books.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the Arthurian legends. I am not alone in this as there have been many books, films and television programmes which have time after time re-interpreted the story of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, his fellow knights and the quest for the Holy Grail.

The tale is rich in mystery, archetypes and moral and religious metaphors. I am also torn by the tangled relationships of what I consider the greatest tale of all time, in particular the love triangle between Guinevere, Arthur and Lancelot. Not to mention the magical power struggle between Merlin, Mordred and Morgana and the notion of chivalry represented by the Knights of the Round Table.

It is rare however, for the events to be portrayed through the eyes of Guinevere and I was therefore fascinated to learn of Lavinia Collins’ The Guinevere Trilogy, comprising The Warrior Queen, A Champion’s Duty and The Day of Destiny. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing The Warrior Queen soon, but wanted to share the cover and book blurb with you, kindly provided by the author, and provide the links.

Book Blurb

‘The Warrior Queen’ is the first instalment of ‘The Guinevere Trilogy’, a new series of eBooks that reimagines the famous story of Queen Guinevere for a modern audience.

When her people’s army is destroyed in the war with King Arthur, Guinevere is horrified to discover that her conqueror has demanded to have her as his bride. She arrives at Camelot angry and resentful, but quickly finds that the king who defeated her people in battle is not the brute she expected. Slowly, she gains a fragile happiness in her new home, but this is threatened when war comes again.

When her life is saved on the battlefield by a mysterious French knight, Guinevere finds herself caught between desire and duty, the longing for happiness in the new life she has, and her desire to be free and follow her heart.

This original re-imagining of a much-loved legend gives readers a new Guinevere; passionate, headstrong and fiercely independent. An immersive adventure through Arthurian legend, steeped in magic, passion and intrigue, this book won’t disappoint, ‘The Warrior Queen’ retells the classic narrative through the eyes of a queen determined to escape the bounds her society has placed on her, determined not to be ruled by the men who surround her, and determined to be master of her own destiny.


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Other Books in the Trilogy

A Champion’s Duty #2 and The Day of Destiny #3

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