Sue’s Seduction by Saylor Storm *BLOG TOUR with Author Interview & GIVEAWAY*

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00017]Sue’s Seduction

By Saylor Storm

Genre: Mystery/Romance Contemporary

Middle aged, overweight, depressed and lonely, Susan Kent, becomes part of an anti-aging clinical trial and is offered a lease on life. She swiftly transforms into a budding beauty. Her new found tender age brings opportunities, lovers and tragedy. Sue’s youthful path takes her on a journey that she never could have imagined and catastrophe brings sobering consequences. Sophisticated attorney, Roger Grayson, enters her life and saves the day. In the end does Susan choose youth or the promise of love?


Hi Saylor,

Welcome to A Reader’s Review Blog!

I love the synopsis for Sue’s Seduction. What were your main influences for the story/character?

My first thought was to take a real life anti-aging product that I had heard about and researched and combine it with who I saw as the average, depressed, middle-aged woman who blames everyone else for her misery. I wanted my character, Sue, to evolve into a better, more likable person as the story unfolds.

Have you based any characters or scenes from your own or your friend’s experiences?

Most of the time I do base my characters and scenes from real life experiences, but not so in the case of Sue’s Seduction. The only reality-based part of the story is the anti-aging product.

Who is your favourite character, and why?

Even though we don’t care for Susan Kent much in the beginning, we can’t help but grow to love her as she learns what is truly important in life.

Were there any particular scenes that you found either more difficult or easier to write?

It was fun and challenging to write about lesbian love scenes as a straight woman. In the end I interviewed men about their first time with a woman; what were their first thoughts and impressions, what was it like for them and used that as Sue’s point of reference for the book.

What inspired you to write Sue’s Seduction?

I was inspired to write Sue’s Seduction when I learned about a real life anti-aging product that is currently on the market. I took this piece of reality and turned it into a reverse aging product that my character, Susan Kent, consumes during as a participant in a clinical trial. I imagined all the positive changes that might occur from reverse aging 35 years as well as the negative ones. In my mind, there would be plenty of both!

Do you have a favourite author/book? If so, who/what and why?

I grew up reading John D. MacDonald’s books and loved the fact that they were quick reads offering a temporary escape from reality.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

I love to hike in the Sierras near my home in Lake Tahoe.

For those who have not read your work, how would you describe your writing style?

My writing is style is clean, straightforward, and imaginative.

What’s next for Saylor Storm?

We have a book of love trivia and fun facts coming out next month, a compilation of my daily posts on Facebook for the past couple of years. My first romance thriller called, Basking in the Light, will be coming out in March.

Thank you for your time! We will look forward to hosting you as part of the blog tour! All the best for Sue’s Seduction and in the future!

About Saylor Storm

Saylor Storm smileSaylor Storm takes something from real life and turns it into something fun, and perhaps a bit twisted. Reality becomes fantasy, or is that imagination turns into real life experience? Her stories include places where she has lived or visited from the beaches of Malibu to Islands of Fiji and destinations in between. Love and passion are at the root of her novels; after all isn’t that what life is all about? Storm is a long-time resident of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Saylor is currently working on several new books and loves to hear from her readers! Visit her at and see her interview me, Caroline, on her site in regard to book blogging!

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Twitter: @SaylorStorm


Sue’s Seduction is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK OR Enter below for your chance to WIN a copy of Sue’s Seduction!

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