REVIEW ~ **In Expert Hands** by Lily Harlem

Erotic BDSM Billionaire Romance

Adult/18+ Read


24916749Imogen White has it all—a high-flying career, a prestigious London home and friends she knows will fight her corner. She’s going up, and she’s in control, she’s also got the hots for one very important, very sexy client.

Kane Ward is a self-made billionaire whose determination to be the best of the best has left him alone. He has everything money can buy, yachts, jets, and villas in all four corners of the globe, but even he can’t buy time to suit his needs.

And his needs are very specific, his desires a particular shade of kink and his tastes anything but vanilla. So when he sets his sights on Imogen it’s a given that things are going to get dark, that pleasure will be laced with pain and determining his success will be measured by her blushes and gasps and cries of delight. But Imogen doesn’t need to worry, she’s in expert hands and her every fantasy is about to come true—and then some she’d never imagined even in her wildest dreams.

My Review *****

Smoking Hot BDSM Romance

In Expert Hands is the first book that I have read by Lily Harlem and the author is certainly at the top of her game when it comes to crafting an erotic romance bursting with sexual tension and deliciously smoking hot scenes. The relationship between Imogen and Kane is a joy to read. Although there are plenty of scenes which will satisfy those (like myself) who are partial to reading kink, I loved that the novel is above all a romantic one which explores if two strong minded individuals can possibly come together when their worlds are so far apart.

Imogen is a modern and inspirational heroine, a successful and independent minded bank manager, who has caught the eye of Kane, one of her globetrotting billionaire business clients. Unbeknown to her is that Kane is also a Dom, who is intent on introducing her to his penchant for kink. Imogen knows nothing of the practicalities of dominance and submission, and I adored how Kane gently but (very) firmly takes her in hand to expose her to hitherto unfamiliar experiences which combine pleasure and pain. Oh my goodness, these scenes are hot! The activities which they and others who live the lifestyle indulge in give Imogen and the reader a real insight into the lifestyle and what the concept of dominance and submission between two loving individuals means.

As for Kane, he is definitely on my list of top fictional Doms! He ensures that he has Imogen’s consent before he introduces the BDSM scene, whilst encouraging her to push her boundaries. There is a succession of scorching scenes between the couple, balanced by a heavy dose of old school romance and seduction.

As an independent woman who relishes making her own decisions. How far will Imogen allow herself to go into the lifestyle that Kane embraces? Will her level of submission be enough for him or is he asking too much? How much control (if any) can she relinquish to this dominant man who adores her? The novel certainly has plenty of tension between the couple as it explores these themes but overall it is a deliciously sexy and sizzling read. Readers who enjoy erotic romance laced with kink will certainly want to check this novel out!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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