**REVIEW** ~ Tarnished, by Ethan Radcliff

Erotic Romance

Adult/18+ Read

Wow, author Ethan Radcliff certainly has a way with words, weaving together a series of erotic and emotional scenes, with plenty of romance in this high stakes read. I loved it! Tina ❤


joe-199x300Joe Murphy is a boxer. He’s twenty-eight years old and what most women would call hot. He’s a player, and his lifestyle is ruining his career.  Joe always hooks up with the wrong women, head jobs and debutantes looking to further their own careers. Joe’s had it, he’s crashing and he’s doing nothing to stop his decent into his own personal hell.

Darlene Russo is a single mom and a huge boxing fan. Except she can’t afford to attend any of the bouts, she watches from afar, she’s a cleaning lady for the biggest sports arena in Brooklyn, New York. Darlene finds the drunken boxer, and helps him get home. The next morning she wakes up in his bed, scared and confused. Their night together comes in on her, the lovemaking and their use of no protection. Her worries were just beginning and Joe Murphy would face the test of his life.

My Review

An Sizzling High Stakes Tale *****

Tarnished is the first book that I’ve read by Ethan Radcliff  and boy is it HOT! I was impressed by the racy plot and the scorching and heartfelt romance between bad boy Joe and single parent Darlene, two people who are from different worlds but who have the potential to make something beautiful together. It is a sizzling and emotional read which sucked me in straightaway.

Joe’s career as a boxer is suffering, as he is imploding on his own success, addicted to women, drink and drugs. He is in a bad way and one drunken night sees him unexpectedly meet and seduce Darlene, a woman who is totally unlike the women who usually keep him up at night. The couple use no protection. This and subsequent scenes sizzle and while Joe and Darlene cannot resist the pull that draws them together, Joe’s career plummets and Darlene has to seriously consider the possible implications of her actions.

I loved the heroine Darlene, a hardworking single parent who has dedicated her life to her son. Joe awakens her sexuality and makes her feel like a woman for the first time.Yet will Joe overcome his demons and addictions, not to mention the temptations put in his way or will success in his career and love life remain ever elusive? Also will Darlene want to let a man so unstable as Joe into her life and that of her beloved son? The author does a fantastic job of creating characters the reader can easily care about and I found myself willing them on for a HEA. I read the story in one sitting, eager to find out what would happen and ! was not disappointed.

I recommend Tarnished to readers who believe that Cupid’s arrow can strike us anytime, anywhere, whether you are a bad boy or a good girl and who like to read tales which can make their  e-reader sizzle!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me as part of a recent blog tour for a fair and honest review. Click here to read the blog tour post.

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One thought on “**REVIEW** ~ Tarnished, by Ethan Radcliff

  1. Johanne Poirier says:

    I just read TARNISHED, my first book from Ethan Radcliff and I have to tell you that I was taken completely by this book.

    You will meet Joe Murphy a professional heavyweithgt boxer who coul be a contender to win the title, but instead he does all the wrong things to achieve that goal, with partying with beatiful women, booze and drug.

    In the mean time at the Coliseum, where Darlene Russo works as a cleaning lady, she hears noise coming from a room and decided to check it. At first she doesn’t see anyone and then, she sees him on the floor and try to help him but he’s to heavy for her, she fall on his side and then……

    Will she help Joe get his life back together, and will he accept Darlene’s son?

    Ethan has more books to be read like : Dom, The Taming of Molly Jenkins, the Collaring of Molly Jenkins, just to mention a few.

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