**REVIEW** DEMON (Kassidy Bell #3) by Lynda O’Rourke

Lynda O’Rourke’s début series, Kassidy Bell, is one of the most thrilling experiences you’ll have, if you can cope with psychological, paranormal horrors! I am ecstatic to discover that although originally planned as a trilogy, there are now going to be more books! Lynda has a special talent, for this genre in particular, to be able to darken real life situations and stretch them into a great fantasy as admitted in a recent interview. She is most certainly an author on the top of my list!

“…. I….feel like I’m in a bad dream…. like I’ve stepped out of reality and into hell.” (Drug, book 1)

Demon Kassidy Bell 3Title: Demon (Kassidy Bell #3)

Author: Lynda O’Rourke

Genre: Psychological thriller, horror

Date released: February 24th, 2016

Released by: Ravenwoodgreys

Length: 170 pages

Blurb: After escaping the Bishop’s house with Ben Fletcher, Kassidy soon learns that there’s more to Ben than the eye can see.

Still running from the demons and police, her journey takes her north in a frantic pursuit to find Doctor Langstone, in the hope that Kassidy and her friends can remove the ever-spreading drug – VA20.

But will Kassidy get there before it takes over her mind and body, before she is snatched back to Cruor Pharma? Can she really make it, now that the demon, Doshia, seems to be travelling amongst her and her friends?

“Demon” – Book 3 in the #1 bestselling paranormal thriller series, by Lynda O’Rourke.




Review ***** (5* rating)

Demon is the third instalment of the Kassidy Bell series, following Drug and Dwell. What begun as a small group of young, healthy volunteers taking part in a drugs test (VA20) has now become a full-on psychological and paranormal adventure of terror and horror; as the survivors of the group try to head towards the sister company of Cruor Pharma they hope they will meet with Dr. Langstone, a demon himself but one who chose to leave the original experiment due to differences of opinion.

The group hope that he may have the answer to prevent the VA20 from coursing through their veins and from them turning into demons themselves!  In the meantime they are being chased by the police, demons and ‘cleaners’ who are quite excited to take over their body, and it’s also possible that demon ‘Doshia’ is possibly travelling amongst them too. But which one of them, if any, has Doshia been lurking in?

Placing doubts in Kassidy’s mind, Raven shares her suspicions with Kassidy in regard to Max and Jude. But, Doshia can’t be in both. I find Raven to be quite irritating and constantly on Kassidy’s back, pointing out everything she finds odd with Jude or Max. This makes you wonder if she is in fact Doshia and trying to throw Kassidy off the scent. However, she could also have a point due to the behaviour of the others at times. I love the to-ing and fro-ing to keep the reader on their toes.

Despite Dr. Ben Fletcher having the demon Quint within him, both seem to be protective of Kassidy, even if she fears him at times. The electricity between these two characters is powerful, and I can’t help but be attracted to Ben, just as Kassidy is, regardless of his attentions! However, Kassidy’s friends are quite peeved when she defends him a little. From their point of view he has a demon inside of him, and he was the one to inject them with VA20! Why Kassidy listens to him they don’t know and this causes tensions between the group.

I feel the author displays a great deal of empathy towards Ben from Kassidy’s point of view, despite how the other characters feel about him. This not only makes you feel more kindly towards him and understand what he lives with on a daily basis, with Quint always ready to burst out and take over, but it also shows how considerate and thoughtful Kassidy is by recognising this.

It is this side to Kassidy which helps her try to reason with Quint early on in the story. When Quint takes over Ben and threatens Jude and Max quite strongly, Kassidy manages to talk him down when asking him to let go of them. I love the fact that Kassidy has this tiny hold over Quint, even if just in this instance. It shows the ability that Quint has to listen to her. This particular scene reminded me of John Connor talking down the ‘good’ terminator in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when the terminator tries to kill a couple of big, innocent guys that were just checking if John is okay after being grabbed by the terminator. John is able to order the terminator to leave them alone and he miraculously listens to John. Here, we find demon Quint listen to Kassidy. But, will this happen moreso as Kassidy gets closer to him/Ben, or is it a one-time occurrence?

This exciting, thrilling read will barely give you time to catch your breath as you find yourself in a very fast-paced read that is electrifying at every turn, whether it be the thrill of the chase or the powerful, intensifying moments between Kassidy and Dr. Ben Fletcher/Demon Quint.

Demon is great into picking up where we left off in Dwell (book 2) and reminding readers where Kassidy is at and what she has been through. Due to the author’s clarity, great description and some of the dialog it is clear what is happening with the story. That said, if you really want to feel every little bit of what Kassidy and the gang have gone through I would strongly recommend that you read Drug and Dwell too.

Demon is chilling to the bone – a raw blend of gritty horror and gore. All the strong feelings that make you feel alive are present within the first two chapters alone! You’re heart will be racing and you’ll put anything else off in order to finish the book. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but it will leave you craving for the next adventure. An unforgettable experience!

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

Heart of Eternity by N. Jay **REVIEW**

Heart Of EternityBlurb: When you are invited to dance with the muse of love, when you are driven to the edge by the pain of the past, when you hold the remedy for what ails you in your arms you will find yourself in the heart of eternity.

Set in the Blue Mountain’s town of Blackheath in New South Wales, Australia, the novel Heart of Eternity introduces two very different characters, Jay and Naida, who encounter each other at a challenging time in each of their lives. Their individual expressions of the feelings they provoke in each other give rise to a turmoil that could ultimately claim their lives. When two people understand so deeply the pain each other has faced will it force them into the abyss of darkness or will their combined need for healing allow love to enter both their hearts?


Heart of Eternity is a profound and interesting fantasy story, exploring the demons and inner light within two main characters in Jay and Naida. The narrative is beautifully written with the use of powerful and descriptive language. There is dark and there is light. But when they meet, will they really be whole? That is the key question and mystery of this short story.

From early on in the story the reader discovers the first of Naida’s conflicts. Being a sufferer of cancer she longs to exorcise her mind and spirit, instead of using more conventional methods, to make it easier and give herself more time. It’s almost like she feels that faith, hope and a positive mind will play an important role in her well-being. However, the conflict lies when her own father, an atheist, has long lost his faith and longs for her to seek out the medical and practical methods at hospital.

Meanwhile, Jay on the other hand behaves like one of the lads, encouraging dares, drinking, racing, being leary and flirting with many. He is a typical bad boy, with the good looks and the carefree attitude with nerve and a cheekiness about him. But Jay’s characters also holds an inner demon inside of him after suffering many bad and tragic ordeals. He has reached a point in his life where nothing matters and so he does as he pleases.

The story is told from the perspectives of both Naida and Jay, making the reader aware of both of their circumstances, feelings and their own esteem. I love this as the reader can gain an understanding of their thoughts and actions. Because of this there is a nice build up to the meeting of these two souls, albeit it is mysterious considering Naida’s vision of a shadowy figure, green eyes – without knowing who they belong to.

It’s obvious that they both have this deep connection and as they realise each other’s inner souls the reader longs for them to reveal all and, where possible, use it to help the other. Will Jay face his demon? If so, who will win? And will Naida deal with her cancer in a positive manner?

Naida’s Uncle Zachriel is a great supporting character with the patience and understanding to help Naida, and later Jay. He is the one who helps Naida look further and further into her soul where she finds a darkness within her. Without swaying her decisions either way he guides her and yet allows her to be independent and make her own decisions. He trusts her judgement and reasoning. Zachriel also encourages her to make more progress each time they sit and look within, once Naida had decided that this was the way for her.

Although a beautiful story I felt that the characters could have explored each other more. To really beef the story up it would have benefited from more romantic suspense and a physical love scene in order to allow the reader to really feel the depth of their feelings for each other. This would have made for a more emotive ending.

However, I did feel that as I continued reading the intensity and emotion did build up, crescendo-like (albeit gradually), until the very end. It is also at this point when I realised just how meaningful the title of the book is! Of course I’m not to spoil the story but the latter chapters were amazing to read and I thoroughly enjoyed them. It is great fantasy writing, especially the tension and conflict between Jay and his demon.

I would certainly recommend this read to young adults and over of whom are particularly interested in fantasy, but be prepared for a little paranormal.

A copy of Heart of Eternity was provided by the author, N. Jay, for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

Heart of Eternity by N. Jay can be found at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker



Taking Back Sunday, The Incarnate Series # 1, by Cristy Moran


 Witches, Werewolves and Wild Passion!

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We are thrilled to be participating in the Blog Tour featuring a talented new author Cristy Moran, who has recently published, Taking Back Sunday, book one of The Incarnate Series, an exciting urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Scroll down to read the book blurb, check out our review and find out about the author.

Book Blurb

After five years on the run, Sunday has finally settled into a seemingly normal life in Columbia, South Carolina. What her two best friends don’t know is that Sunday has a secret past. She is the Incarnate, a conduit of mystical energy transcendent of the mundane and the divine. For most of her life, she served under Bernadette, the most powerful witch in the Northwest. Her power is terrifying, and what she remembers of her past—and what she doesn’t—haunts her. In the year that she’s been attempting to be anything but the Incarnate, Sunday has fought her abilities tooth and nail, but it’s been worth it. When Sunday joins her friends’ coven for an innocent gathering, Sunday discovers a darkness hidden beneath the blanket of the coven’s magic and she is determined to find out who is behind it and what she has planned. For the last four years, Cyrus has been the point man on the contract to recapture the Incarnate and deliver her to the Pastophori of Iset. A gifted tracker and a fearless werewolf, he harbors a wild, inexplicable passion for the Incarnate that has driven him to hunt her. He was one of the original captors that brought her to Bernadette when his obsession with her began. Having found her, Cyrus and his pack find themselves torn between two objectives: take her by force and deliver her to yet another group of fanatics, or help her uncover the traitor among her coven.

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My Review

Witches, Werewolves and Wild Passion!

I found this to be a fast-paced, suspenseful and romantic read that will appeal to fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance alike. The plot contains a thrilling combination of powerful magic, passion, obsession and hidden agendas!

Sunday wants no part of being the Incarnate. She only has fractured memories of the past, but knows that it was full of violence at the hands of the witch Bernadette, who harnessed Sunday’s powers for her own ends, giving Sunday a heartless reputation. I enjoyed the pivotal scene where Sunday encounters the werewolf Cyus and the moment their instant mutual attraction rocks their respective worlds. Something about Cyrus compels Sunday’s memories to resurface and she realises that Cyrus has been deceiving her and cannot be trusted. I really felt for Sunday when it dawns on her that the ordinary life she has been living with her two friends this past year is over. Her identity as the Incarnate has been compromised and the powers she possesses, made even more unstable by the trauma of her memories resurfacing, threaten to explode and harm those around her.

I admired Sunday’s determination to keep her friends safe and destroy the evil that endangers them, whilst avoiding capture from Cyrus and his band of werewolves. This sets the scene for a thrilling tale not only involving Sunday, the Incarnate, with god-like powers, but werewolves, witches and other supernatural entities who struggle for power and dominance. Sunday puts herself at risk as she exposes her hidden talents and is eventually compelled to work with Cyrus and his band of werewolves who may betray her at any moment.

I loved the tortured characters of Sunday and Cyrus. The connection between them is instant and undeniable and the passion intense in some hot scenes. Cyrus is troubled by the role he played in Sunday’s capture as a teenager and his conflicted feelings towards her. He is torn between his desire to protect Sunday and loyalty to his pack who has tasked him to once again capture her and deliver her to those who would use Sunday for their own ends. Sunday is a powerful and tortured heroine. Her use and abuse by the witch Bernadette brought tears to my eyes and are a constant source of torment, as is the guilt that Sunday harbours over the tasks that Bernadette used Sunday and her powers to carry out. Sunday’s magic is strong and can reach earth shattering proportions and she assumes an almost mystical quality when the Incarnate within her rises to the surface. Even Cyrus, a powerful werewolf, is in awe of her at such moments.

The descriptions of magic performed by Sunday and other characters are powerful and intense and the author’s depictions of the rituals, spells and mystical paraphernalia make for an entertaining read. I recommend the book to readers of both urban fantasy and paranormal romance, who like tales of strong and passionate tortured heroes and heroines, with lots of conflict, suspense and adventure.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was provided for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Cover design by Okay Creations

Photography by K Keeton Designs

Editing and Formatting by Indie Express

About the Author

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Cristy Moran lives in Miami, FL. She is a college librarian some of the time, a reader and writer most of the time, and a knitter much less of the time than she was six months before she took up writing again. She’s also a nerd and a geek, and proud to be.

Cristy writes the books that she likes to read. Her women are strong and out-spoken and her men run the gamut. Love stories abound in Cristy’s work because, really, aren’t love stories the best? There’s always a killer soundtrack running in the background of her novels – all you need to do is turn to the playlist to know what’s up.

 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cristywrites

Website http://www.cristyrey.com/

Goodreads http://bit.ly/1iD1Ujy

Amazon http://amzn.to/1g0t4kf

Smashwords http://bit.ly/OBKwRb

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Dark Reaper, #9 in the WesternWind series, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

17225903Super Dark Fantasy Romance featuring Badass Werewolf Cowboys!

Erotic Paranormal Romance – Graphic Sexual content/language 18+/Adult Read

When I was contacted by Charlotte Boyett-Compo to review some of her recent releases I was thrilled big time, having previously enjoyed some of her dark fantasy romances. This author is the creator of the Reapers, handsome and deadly Alpha shape shifters, whose bloodlust can only be controlled by withholding or providing sustenance, and who can only be tamed and saved from themselves by the female destined to be their mate. The first of Charlotte’s novels up for review on our site is Dark Reaper, a super hot Post Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy romance, featuring a badass werewolf cowboy hero battling an entity so evil that even Hell is too good for it, whilst trying to protect the inhabitants of Terra and his Lady.

Here is the book blurb for Dark Reaper from the author’s site:

Iden Belial, the youngest Reaper, finds a great evil in Land’s End. He also finds Kallista, his mate, the woman the Goddess intends for him, and the only way he can claim her from her disapproving mother is to sate his lust and make her his.

But when they are torn apart by the Nikkeson, a demon that brings death and destruction to everything it touches, part of its wickedness is left inside him, warping the warrior and twisting him to its own evil ends. The Shadowlords of the Citadel are determined to heal him, but what Iden needs is the touch of his wife – the only one whose loving and sensual touch can truly make him whole again.

This epic tale of good versus evil is a dark and erotic one and immensely rich and original in terms of its characters and plot. There are vivid, stomach-churning scenes of death, destruction and depravity as the Nikkeson wreaks havoc on Terra. These sickening scenes contrast sharply with the erotic but sweet romance between Iden and Kallista, who are instantly in love and in lust with one another. Kallista needs no persuading to let Iden claim her against the wishes of her mother, a woman who is vehemently opposed to the match and also to Iden’s attempts to save the community.

When, due to the actions of the Nikkeson and unexpected treachery, Kallista is taken from him, Iden cannot shake off the evil that becomes a part of him and he returns to the Citadel, a broken man. His friends attempt to purge him of the evil inside him, in some tortuous scenes, and contemplate how to rid Terra of the demon. Many surprises are in store for Iden and the other characters we are introduced to and the scene is also set for the next book in the series, Sins of the Reaper.

I loved Iden, a Lupine Reaper. He is strong and selfless as he attempts to save Kallista and the people of Land’s End. His tears when he believes that he has failed in his mission are heartbreaking to witness. I found Kallista to be a worthy mate in all respects, being wise beyond her years. Although young, pure and innocent she knows exactly what she wants and what she wants is Iden! There are some explicit and erotic love making scenes which I enjoyed immensely due to their imaginative action and dialogue!

I also adored Kheelan, the High Lord, whose secondary romance plays a major part of this tale. Kheelan, who believes that he will forever remain unmated, discovers that his destined mate, Annie, is already amongst the inhabitants of the Citadel. And what a fiery, humorous and passionate match it is! Both parties are completely blindsided by their attraction, although their romance is also tinged with a degree of heartache as they have both loved and lost in the past. I found that their relationship provided a great contrast to the romance between the younger couple.

There is a great cast of supporting characters: the High Council, based at the Citadel; the Shadowlords; Gatekeepers; the High Lord and one of the Ridge Lords, to mention a few. The Goddess of War, Life and Death, Morrigunia, creator of many of the Reapers and her mate, The Father-God, Jee yn Ayr also play their part in the tale and we learn that their personalities are just as complex as those of the other characters.

I enjoyed the tale, but felt that my pleasure would have been enhanced by reading the previous books in the series, which I now am on a mission to read! I will be reviewing Sins of the Reaper, the next book in the series very soon. Dark Reaper will appeal to lovers of Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction and the paranormal who enjoy a dark, original, erotic and romantic read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Publisher Ellora’s Cave http://www.ellorascave.com/dark-reaper.html

Edited by Rebecca Hill

Cover design by Syneca

About the Author

Charlotte Boyett-Compo is the author of over 80 books. She writes novels that encompass science-fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romantica, Horror, Mystery, Thriler and Post –Apocalyptic Western novels. She is the creator of the Reaper, handome and deadly Alpha male shapeshifters with tortured souls that can only be tamed by the female destined to be their mate.