**REVIEW** Claimed (True Alpha #6 series finale) short story by Alisa Woods

Claimed (True Alpha 6)Hot! Hot! Hot!

I have been completely absorbed with this series. Each short story has been completely full of action, passion and emotion! Below is my review of this fantastic series. And what’s more – as from TODAY the True Alpha BOX SET is available at Amazon (links below), so you can enjoy reading the whole series back-to-back!! Go grab it!!

New Adult Paranormal Romance serial – LAST IN SERIES

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Mia has found her way free of the dark wolves, but what price will her friends pay? And will she finally be able to find a place among their packs?

Claimed (True Alpha 6) is 65 pages or 16,000 words. It’s the final of six episodes in the True Alpha serial.

Adult content. Ages 18+.


Claimed was already going to be a brilliant read in my eyes, judging from the suspense and build-up of the first five short stories of the series, and Alisa Woods’ fantastic writing style. This is a series finale that was so much more than I expected and one that will be remembered and re-read. The reader won’t want to put this one down at all!

Now that Mia has been saved from the Red Pack her thoughts have been filled with how much she wants to belong and be a part of the Sparks’ pack. They have cared for her as if she was one of them already, she has become fond of many of them and felt the attraction of some of them. No matter what happens romantically this is where she belongs. But she does want to be mated so badly. Her inner wolf has strong feelings about this.

Lucas is always at her core and in her thoughts. He is the one that she is in love with. And, although he clearly cares for her a great deal and there is a deep, sensual attraction between them, he hasn’t been ready to mate again due to his heartache and pain following the death of his first mate, Tila. He just can’t go down that road again, especially if anything ever happened to Mia.

Over the last few stories, Colin, a strong wolf with alpha qualities from the Sparks’ pack, has been quite attracted to Mia. And he hasn’t tried to hide it! This has got Lucas’ back up on a few occasions. But Colin is HOT and so protective. Alisa Woods has written moments with Colin which shows he is such a powerful wolf but with caring and affectionate qualities. Especially towards Mia. The audience needs to know just how close he feels he is to Mia and how Mia has seriously thought about becoming his mate. To love him, and belong to the pack. Oh, I am a fan of Colin!

Although Mia is seriously considering to submit herself, she still has apprehensions since she was compelled to submit to Mace, leader of the Red pack, when she was kidnapped by them. Her whole experience of this has left her worried and concerned. She had no choice but to submit to Mace, despite her human state wanting nothing to do with him. It was a wolf thing that held her, like she was spellbound regardless of what she wanted. She now fears that whenever she does submit to someone in the future that these bad and negative feelings will return. She lives in hope that the next experience of submission will not be the same!

All short stories are available at Amazon UK and Amazon US individually. BUT, as from TODAY the TRUE ALPHA FULL SEASON is available to order!!



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Claimed (True Alpha #6) by Alisa Woods was received gratefully in return for an honest and fair review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker




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2 thoughts on “**REVIEW** Claimed (True Alpha #6 series finale) short story by Alisa Woods

  1. Jayme Rayne says:

    Sounds like a great series! I just picked up #1 Desired!

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