**REVIEW** A True Alpha Christmas (True Alpha series, novella) by Alisa Woods

A True Alpha ChristmasSTAND-ALONE NOVELLA – best enjoyed after reading the True Alpha Box Set (Vol 1-6)

Blurb: Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City. Mia is your everyday college girl, trying to earn her business degree—and a shifter who’s long hidden her identity from everyone, including her mother, who believes shifter is synonymous with criminal. Six months ago, sexy and powerful alpha-male Lucas rescued her in an alley and claimed her for his mate. Now Mia’s heart belongs to Lucas, and everyone in the world of shifters understands the magic of their mating has bonded them for life. But in the human world, there’s no wedding ring on her finger to show for it. With Christmas looming, Mia’s mother wants to finally meet Mia’s mysterious and high-powered live-in lover. With her human and shifter lives about to irrevocably collide, Mia fears there will be nothing but broken hearts in the end.

A True Alpha Christmas is 80 pages or 20,000 words. This novella can be read as a standalone, but readers will enjoy it more if they read the True Alpha serial (Vol 1-6) first.


To find out that Alisa Woods had written A True Alpha Christmas was a lovely surprise and it was definitely a read I was excited for since the whole True Alpha series has been one of my top reads this year. This time of year is full of magical sights and feelings, and this is what A True Alpha Christmas is all about. Now Mia has been claimed by Lucas and will be his mate for life she is absolutely over the moon. But as Christmas approaches, and she has to be prepared for office parties and Lucas meeting her mum, Mia wants her relationship with Lucas to be common knowledge and for people to realise how serious they are.

Readers who have followed this series will know just how hot and intense the relationship is between shifters, Mia and Lucas. This novella is no different. After dressing incredibly sexy for a Christmas party, Lucas wants nothing more than to whisk her away to the cloakroom for some hot and intimate attention! Whilst the inner wolf of Mia, and a part of her human side, want the same she cannot help but feel ‘why does it have to be like this?’. Why can’t everyone know that they are man and woman, together, mated? Without Lucas quite realising it, the human side of Mia wants a ring on her finger, a symbol to show their declaration of love for each other.

To make matters worse, it is time for Mia’s mum to meet Lucas. Mia’s Mum knows nothing about her daughter being a shifter, and taking after her father. Shifters, to her, are criminals, violent, and her only experience of a shifter left her abandoned by him. At the same time, if Mia doesn’t come clean to her mother, it will leave her mum believing that Lucas is trying to control her daughter, use his status to exploit her until he has had what he wants and moved on to the next woman.

Mia’s dilemma leaves her feeling that nothing she can say will encourage her mum to like Lucas. Will Mia be able to diffuse the situation or will her mum and Lucas never get along? With the same intensity as the True Alpha series, fans and new readers will love this paranormal romance. It is written just as brilliantly as the previous short stories, with the heat, emotions and surprises.

A copy of A True Alpha Christmas was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

A True Alpha Christmas is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

All short stories are available at Amazon UK and Amazon US individually. BUT, the TRUE ALPHA FULL SEASON is available to order!!



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Caroline’s Top Reads 2014

Hi readers, it’s that time of year again when Tina and myself have lots of fun going through our reviews of the past year and choose our favourites to share with you! And, wow, there are so many it is difficult to narrow them down!Australian xmas card (2)

This is the end of our second full year and we cannot thank you all enough for following us and sharing our posts. We have made so many friends, be they authors, bloggers, agents, publishers and more, it has been overwhelming. We have received our first Christmas card from Australia (pictured), which was an absolute pleasure to receive. It’s amazing to see the sun and summer holiday reminders when the usual card for us is full of snow, log fires and dark evenings.

We hope that you have had a great year and are looking forward to the festive season. We are looking forward to sharing it with you. And I hope that you enjoy us sharing our favourite reads. Tina’s Top Reads will also be coming your way very soon. And here are mine!

Please click on the titles for my full review and much more info!

Contemporary Romance

Books of this genre and some contemporary rom-coms have been a big hit for me this year, and Helena Fairfax’s The Silk Romance was an absolute pleasure to read. It was written so beautifully, powerfully and thoughtfully, and certainly a read you will not forget! It is a Cinderella-type story that is highly intense and completely grips the reader. I have also likened it to some high-profile romance movies in my review as some aspects are similar and captivating!

TheLoveofMarisol_WP2014The Love of Marisol by Christos Toulouras is a short story of love and loss, but with the possibility of finding new love after. It is, again, very powerful and emotive, beginning as quite a dark and realistic read (although fiction). Taking only around an hour to read, it was one of my favourite reading hours of the year!

Contemporary Rom-Coms

Boots Beneath My Bed (Miranda's Story)As well as the serious side of romance, it is always uplifting and refreshing to read some fun reads, even though they still hold a serious undertone. The book that enlightened me in this manner is C.J. Pinard’s Boots Beneath My Bed (Miranda’s Story) (Duty & Desire #3). It is my favourite book of the Duty & Desire series. It is a light-hearted, fun and cheeky read. And I love how C.J. Pinard follows both Miranda’s career, as well as her romances, and at the same time the reader sees a different side to the friendship that Miranda has with Cara.

An Autumn CrushWanting to read a seasonal book at the time, I thoroughly enjoyed An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson. It was a Bridget Jones style read, with plenty of humour and a real feel-good and refreshing feel that really captured the time of year. And with some sombre storylines for some characters it has an awful lot going on, but is still relaxing and fun to read.

Historical Romance

Summer in RyeLucy Oliver’s novella Summer in Rye is an incredibly intense short story, with power and the ability to grip the reader. Following a new governess to children that have been badly affected by smallpox, and a master that is tyrannical, Eva only has one choice: to turn to the master’s brother, who was once engaged to her. Passion reignites between these two, but after he lied before, can Eva really accept him back?


Vampire Flappers (Samantha Carter #1.5)To top off my favourite paranormal reads is Tim O’Rourke’s Vampire Flappers (Samantha Carter #1.5). Last year the first of the series, Vampire Seeker, was one of my favourites, and again this series has really thrilled me. It has everything from vamps, shifters, action/adventure and time travel! The romance and passion is also very intense, making for a very HOT read! This is a series not to be missed, and I cannot wait to review Vampire Watchmen (Samantha Carter #2) in the new year!

And, not always a huge fan of short stories, this year has certainly changed my point of view. I used to think that to create great characters that full novels would be more fulfilling. However, there are a number of short stories in my top reads this year and a certain series of short stories really blew my mind – Alisa Woods’ True Alpha series. There are six shifter stories, which follow Mia and shifter Lucas, their attraction and heat for each other! Yet, the dilemma is that Lucas lost his last mate, and being to close to another is just not an option. But, when rival shifters kidnap Mia, Lucas has to face his true feelings. Each story is complete with action, heat and intensity. Shifter fans will LOVE this series. Here are the links to each review:-

Desired (True Alpha #1)

Guarded (True Alpha #2)

Hunted (True Alpha #3)

Captured (True Alpha #4)

Sacrificed (True Alpha #5)

Claimed (True Alpha #6)

I am also hoping to review another short A True Alpha Christmas over the coming days before the big day. And, in the new year Alisa Woods will be releasing her Dark Alpha short story series!

Soul RebelNow, for my second entry of author C.J. Pinard we have Soul Rebel. This is my favourite novel of C.J.’s. With plenty of action, suspense and romance it really does have it all. The characters and storyline are brilliant. Nolan loses his soul during a kiss with a female succubus in a nightclub and he only has 7 days to claim his soul back! Time constraints cause the tension and really make the pace quick. Plus there are many surprises which make it an exciting read.

Blue Moon (The Blue Crystal Trilogy #1)Recommended for the younger adult (15yrs+) Blue Moon (The Blue Crystal trilogy #1) by Pat Spence is an enchanting and fairytale-like read with supernatural mystery and horror. It is highly recommended to fans of the Twilight saga, but without the vamps. It follows the idea of eternal youth, ancient links and an attraction between Emily (17) and the handsome Theo. It is highly emotive, with a great eerie atmosphere as the reader gets sucked in to the mystery. Blue Moon is a fantastic beginning to this trilogy.


Moonshine (The Moon Trilogy, #3)This year saw the final instalment of Tim O’Rourke’s Moon trilogy, Moonshine (The Moon trilogy, #3). A paranormal horror series that has it all; action and adventure, vamps, weres, heart-warming moments and plenty of surprises. The running theme through the trilogy is whether or not vamps and weres can exist in peace together. Or, will they both have to try and annihilate each other? Will the love of Winnie be enough to hold it all together? (Clicking on the links for books 2 and 3 may spoil the storyline for those who haven’t read book one.)

Moonlight (The Moon Trilogy #1)

Moonbeam (The Moon Trilogy #2)

Crime Thriller

COLD CALL BOOK COVER - with blood SAFE COPYCold Call by Colin Llewelyn Chapman, was an instant like for me. After being likened to author Martina Cole, Luther (BBC tv series) and with a pinch of Fifty Shades, Cold Call proved to be a gritty, well-planned read that follows both the suspect and the police with their investigation into the deaths of several women from seedy backgrounds. This is another read with surprises along the way that will keep you gripped until the end.

21 Hours - Dustin Stevens_1Dustin Stevens’ 21 Hours is full of action and suspense as an uncle and ex-con is attempting to save his two year old niece after she has been kidnapped. Being an ex-con he is not entirely trusted by the authorities, but he is so desperate that he will do anything! I have likened it to some action movies, such as Lethal Weapon, Commando, Ransom and Con Air as there are some elements of these in the book and especially in they way it left me feeling after I had read it. It is also another read that is quick-paced, partly due to the time that it is believed that the young girl has left!

Ooh, and now for some Festive Contemporary reads

As an added treat, and because they were brilliant reads, I thought I would share the following two festive reads:

CANDY CAIN by C.L. Scholey - Click Image to CloseC.L. Scholey’s Candy Cain is a short 55 page read that is festive, hot and full of suspense. After being snowed in during a blizzard and left on a desolate road, with only the stranger that she dislikes after briefly bumping into him earlier, the only way they can keep warm is by body heat! Hmm, I wonder where this will lead and what the outcome will be for them? There are also heart-warming moments and an underlying storyline about helping those in need.

All I Want for ChristmasAnd finally, a full-length story with a Christmas build-up, new friendships and a new romance in Amy Silver’s All I Want for Christmas. Beginning from the fourteenth of December, the story is written with each chapter being a new day in the lead up to the big day, when there are plans at The Honey Pot café for people of the neighbourhood to meet for a party of food and friendship for the lonely.

I have read many more great reads that I cannot possibly add due to the amount I have here. Crossing many genres, I always hope that there are reads in here to suit many, and I feel that there is a great mix of both published and indie authors.

I hope that you enjoy our posts and would like to thank each and everyone of you for following and supporting us. I sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and an absolutely brilliant New Year!

Caroline Barker 🙂

If you would like to check our Top Reads of 2013 to recap on our previous year, you can do so here:-

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**REVIEW** Claimed (True Alpha #6 series finale) short story by Alisa Woods

Claimed (True Alpha 6)Hot! Hot! Hot!

I have been completely absorbed with this series. Each short story has been completely full of action, passion and emotion! Below is my review of this fantastic series. And what’s more – as from TODAY the True Alpha BOX SET is available at Amazon (links below), so you can enjoy reading the whole series back-to-back!! Go grab it!!

New Adult Paranormal Romance serial – LAST IN SERIES

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Mia has found her way free of the dark wolves, but what price will her friends pay? And will she finally be able to find a place among their packs?

Claimed (True Alpha 6) is 65 pages or 16,000 words. It’s the final of six episodes in the True Alpha serial.

Adult content. Ages 18+.


Claimed was already going to be a brilliant read in my eyes, judging from the suspense and build-up of the first five short stories of the series, and Alisa Woods’ fantastic writing style. This is a series finale that was so much more than I expected and one that will be remembered and re-read. The reader won’t want to put this one down at all!

Now that Mia has been saved from the Red Pack her thoughts have been filled with how much she wants to belong and be a part of the Sparks’ pack. They have cared for her as if she was one of them already, she has become fond of many of them and felt the attraction of some of them. No matter what happens romantically this is where she belongs. But she does want to be mated so badly. Her inner wolf has strong feelings about this.

Lucas is always at her core and in her thoughts. He is the one that she is in love with. And, although he clearly cares for her a great deal and there is a deep, sensual attraction between them, he hasn’t been ready to mate again due to his heartache and pain following the death of his first mate, Tila. He just can’t go down that road again, especially if anything ever happened to Mia.

Over the last few stories, Colin, a strong wolf with alpha qualities from the Sparks’ pack, has been quite attracted to Mia. And he hasn’t tried to hide it! This has got Lucas’ back up on a few occasions. But Colin is HOT and so protective. Alisa Woods has written moments with Colin which shows he is such a powerful wolf but with caring and affectionate qualities. Especially towards Mia. The audience needs to know just how close he feels he is to Mia and how Mia has seriously thought about becoming his mate. To love him, and belong to the pack. Oh, I am a fan of Colin!

Although Mia is seriously considering to submit herself, she still has apprehensions since she was compelled to submit to Mace, leader of the Red pack, when she was kidnapped by them. Her whole experience of this has left her worried and concerned. She had no choice but to submit to Mace, despite her human state wanting nothing to do with him. It was a wolf thing that held her, like she was spellbound regardless of what she wanted. She now fears that whenever she does submit to someone in the future that these bad and negative feelings will return. She lives in hope that the next experience of submission will not be the same!

All short stories are available at Amazon UK and Amazon US individually. BUT, as from TODAY the TRUE ALPHA FULL SEASON is available to order!!



You can check out my reviews for the first five books of the series below.

Desired (True Alpha #1) – short story

Guarded (True Alpha #2) – short story

Hunted (True Alpha #3) – short story

Captured (True Alpha #4) – short story

Sacrificed (True Alpha #5) – short story

Claimed (True Alpha #6) by Alisa Woods was received gratefully in return for an honest and fair review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker




Sacrificed (True Alpha #5) (short story) by Alisa Woods **REVIEW**

Sacrificed (True Alpha 5)

For fans of paranormal, shifters and plenty of action!

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.
Sacrificed (True Alpha 5) – New Adult Paranormal Romance

Even with Jak’s help, Mia finds escaping Mace’s grasp isn’t easy… in fact, it may require a sacrifice neither she nor Lucas want her to make.

Sacrificed (True Alpha 5) is 50 pages or 12,000 words. It’s the fifth of six episodes in the True Alpha serial.


Sacrificed is the shortest of the True Alpha series, focusing on the escape of Mia and her friend, Jupiter, from the Red pack. And the story picks up just where we left off in Captured, book 4. It appears that Jak, a shifter and member of the pack that is holding her, is trying to help her and Jupiter escape.

Mia is struggling with her thoughts. There is the question of why Jak would be interested in going against his pack and helping them. But worse still is the strong hold that her submission to Mace has over her, making it almost impossible to go against the wishes of her captor.  In her human self she knows that she doesn’t belong here, with the Red pack, but her wolf has little control now that she has submitted. She must obey his wishes. Mia needs to find the strength to do the right thing, if not for her then for Jupiter.

Meanwhile, Lucas and his father’s pack have their own rescue plan to save Mia. Without spoiling too much, I can sat that there is plenty of action and it doesn’t go as smoothly as one would like. However, it is exciting to read and the fear for both Mia and Lucas’ pack reaches a high.

Mace was not so easy to escape from, and now the reader does not know what Mace will have in store for Mia. Lucas is only too aware of the situation and is helpless, regardless of his growling and snarling inner wolf. He knows that Mace will claim Mia for his own unless they can come up with something…………….. and quickly!

Sacrificed, as well as the previous books of the True Alpha series, create a fantastic build-up of tension and excitement for the final instalment, Claimed. I loved the ending of Sacrificed, especially with a nice surprise that no reader would guess. I am certain that Claimed will be as thrilling, if not moreso, than the first five!

Sacrificed (True Alpha #5) was provided by the author, Alisa Woods, in return for an honest and fair review.

Check out my previous reviews for Desired (True Alpha #1), Guarded (True Alpha #2),  Hunted (True Alpha #3) and Captured (True Alpha #4)!

Sacrificed (True Alpha #5) is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US. (Currently individual books 1-6 can all be bought from Amazon for a small price. However, if you would like all books together in one set – this will be released on Tuesday 28th October, again for a small price. Book 6 and the boxset are available to pre-order in the time being.)

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

**REVIEW** Captured (True Alpha #4) by Alisa Woods

Captured (True Alpha 4)

Strong, dark, scary and intense!

Blurb: Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Lucas and Mia’s story continues as she tries to free Jupiter from the Red pack and he tries to save them both.

Captured (True Alpha 4) is 70 pages or 17,000 words. It’s the fourth of six episodes in the True Alpha serial.

Adult content. Ages 18+.


This series keeps on growing stronger and stronger. You can see from the recommended reading age, 18ys+, that this episode, Captured, is going to be darker than the previous, scarier than the previous and so intense! Mia really is in trouble now as she is being held by the Red pack and it doesn’t seem like there is much she or Lucas can do to save both herself and her friend, Jupiter.

With every passing moment the reader fears for her safety just as much as Lucas does. Not only has she been captured and held against her will, but an alpha from the Red pack, Mace, is quite keen to do more to her than simply hold her hostage. He wants Mia for himself, wants her submission – but just how far will he take his threat?

Lucas, meanwhile, is no fool. He is aware of the tendencies that members of the Red pack will have for Mia. Especially Mace’s! Lucas’ rage really comes to the fore, especially when he is willing to fight with his own pack members for Mia. He knows he can’t rush in and do anything stupid, putting Mia’s safety at greater risk (if that’s possible). But he wants his father’s and pack’s support and be able to go in strong to rescue her.

Another battle they both have in their minds is that they both blame themselves for what has happened. Lucas should never have gave in to his feelings and brought them to the fore, just to shut her out immediately after. And if Mia is truly what his inner self/wolf wants then maybe he should have given himself whole heartedly without messing her around. On the other hand, was Mia being too childish when she drove away in his car and left him naked in the woods?!

Alisa Woods has created brilliant suspense throughout and Captured really tops it for me. I simply can’t wait to read the final two episodes, Sacrificed and Claimed. Paranormal and shifter fans will love this series. The heat is turned up a little higher as each one is read. Now for Sacrificed……

Captured (True Alpha #4) was provided by the author, Alisa Woods, in return for an honest and fair review.

Check out my previous reviews for Desired (True Alpha #1), Guarded (True Alpha #2) and Hunted (True Alpha #3)!

Captured (True Alpha #4) is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US. (Currently books 1-5 can all be bought from Amazon for a small price. Book 6, Claimed, will be released on Tuesday 21st October 2014. However, if you would like all books together in one set – this will be released on Tuesday 28th October, again for a small price. Book 6 and the boxset are available to pre-order in the time being.)

Reviewed by Caroline Barker


**REVIEW** Hunted (True Alpha #3) by Alisa Woods

Hunted (True Alpha 3)THIS IS THE THIRD EPISODE OF SIX in the True Alpha serial.

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Now that Mia understands what happened to Lucas’s dead mate, she questions whether he’s truly the mate for her. Meanwhile, Lucas wrestles between keeping her close and letting her go… but he can’t resist when she asks him to teach her more about being a wolf.

Hunted (True Alpha 3) is 75 pages or 18,000 words. It’s the third of six episodes in the True Alpha serial.


This short story series keeps on getting better! With Mia relenting to the fact that she will not be Lucas’ mate, she decides to help him as much as possible to come to terms with the death of Tila. She wants to be his friend at least, at the same time as his professional assistant in helping him analyse the LoopSource app statistics in the decision of whether Lucas’ father’s company should take on the software before their rivals, The Red Pack, make an offer.

The reader is constantly guessing whether Mia will tip Lucas over the edge and he just simply won’t be able to resist her. On the other hand, he tries his hardest not to give in and decides to sort out the LoopSource deal as soon as possible so that he can leave Mia with a bodyguard and create some distance between them. Lucas is in fear of his feelings for Mia and the reader can really sense this throughout the opening chapters.

However, in return for her kindness he does agree to help her discover more of the wolf within herself. This opens up a fast-paced, adventurous and dangerous storyline, which completely thrills the reader and creates moments for the reader to fear for Mia’s safety. There are also some moments of romance and the reader feels Mia’s heightened feelings for Lucas.

Hunted is a truly exciting read that will leave you on an edgy cliffhanger, ready for the following episode. And book 4 of the series, Captured, is out now, making it very easy for the reader to keep on reading! As I have said in previous reviews for the True Alpha series, this is a must-read for shifter and werewolf fans, and paranormal romance fans!

Hunted (True Alpha #3) was provided by the author, Alisa Woods, in return for an honest and fair review.

Check out my previous reviews for Desired (True Alpha #1) and Guarded (True Alpha #2)!

Hunted (True Alpha #3) is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker


Guarded (True Alpha #2) (short story) by Alisa Woods **REVIEW**

Guarded (True Alpha 2)New Adult Paranormal Romance serial

THIS IS THE SECOND EPISODE OF SIX in the True Alpha serial.

Blurb: Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

As Lucas fights his instinctual attraction to Mia, focusing instead on guarding her and keeping her safe from the Red pack, Mia tries to discover the truth about Lucas’s dead mate.

Guarded (True Alpha 2) is 70 pages or 17,000 words. It’s the second of six episodes in the True Alpha serial. 


Whereas book one was a very intense and hot read, Guarded (True Alpha #2) focuses on the emotional tension between Mia and Lucas. After a passionate night with Lucas, Mia’s inner wolf knows that he is right for her and that she belongs with him but Lucas is still in a great deal of heartache and pain from the death of his mate. The reader remains gripped to these characters and will question whether Mia will ever be able to help him come to terms with his deceased mate and allow her to belong with him.

Lucas battles his feelings for Mia, knowing that he can’t go there again. He can never be as close to anyone as he was with his mate. And, as much as he will protect and guard Mia from the Red Pack, he will not take her again or even come close. Guarded actually breaks down these two great characters where the reader will see Lucas’ more darker, serious side, his sorrow and pain, as well as his desire to keep Mia from this.

As a result he puts his defences up and distances himself. This makes him a little cold and impersonal with her at times, although it is also clear that he doesn’t want her to think bad of him. This in turn makes it more difficult for Mia to be with him and know how to respond. Book 2 certainly holds more emotional tension as opposed to sexual tension.

The reader can certainly empathise with both characters, making it unpredictable on the outcome of these two. There are twists and turns, a strong attraction, and danger from the Red Pack, as they will do anything to keep business going their way. (The Red Pack own a rival company to that of Lucas’, and threatening Mia may seem like a good idea to them – especially as they sense the connection between Mia and Lucas and his need to protect her.)

Mia’s character is strong as she feels that if she can help Lucas to open up and face what happened then she is in with a chance. She has much to understand about packs, mates as she has never been raised by one. At times this can make her seem a little naïve to Lucas. This makes the reader just long for Lucas to take Mia under his wing and teach her all he knows, guard her, protect her and love her! But will it all be too much for Lucas to bear?

Lucas’ dad has a strong impact on Mia as he is accepting, gentle and protective – all the things that a father should be that she has missed out on not having her own around. This scene was relatively small and yet had such a deep meaning, especially for Mia. I would like to read a little more about these two in the subsequent books.

The reader doesn’t miss a thing as Guarded (True Alpha #2) picks up where we left off in Desired (True Alpha #1). There are reminders of what happened previously, allowing the reader to easily remember and continue the story without having to keep checking back to the last episode. I cannot wait for the third instalment, Hunted. This series is a strong one for many a paranormal fan to follow. You will not be disappointed with the power and depth that these short stories provide!

Guarded (True Alpha #2) was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Guarded (True Alpha #2) is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

You can also check out our review of Desired (True Alpha #1) (short story) by Alisa Woods here.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

Desired (True Alpha #1) (short story) by Alisa Woods **REVIEW**

Desired (True Alpha 1)


RELEASED TODAY, September 2nd 2014, I am proud to present the first of six New Adult paranormal romance short stories in the TRUE ALPHA series. The first episode, DESIRED, is 80 pages or 20,000 words.

Blurb: Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Mia is just a college girl trying to earn her business degree and dig out of the poverty she was born into—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams.

Lucas is a broken alpha, a wolf who lost his mate, his pack, and almost himself—he wasn’t looking to rescue a girl or start a pack war. But now he has to keep her safe or it won’t just be her life, but his whole family at risk… only his inner wolf can’t seem to keep its paws off a girl who has secrets of her own.


Desired (True Alpha #1) is a fantastic opening to a series. From the very first scene I was hooked as it was full of action and attraction between the two main characters, Mia and Lucas. Mia is about to be attacked by a pack of wolves and she is very much in fear of what they will do to her.

The violence and sexual tension rises dramatically and yet Mia still longs to hide the fact that she is a shifter herself. However, the tension, fear and heightened levels of emotion are bringing her to the edge, to the point where the wolf inside her could turn loose at any time!

This scene alone is gripping and intense. The reader will not be able to put this short story down! And then comes Lucas……

With Mia needing protection from the Red Pack and Lucas finding himself being the one protecting her, the intensity reminded me a little of the introduction to J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark Lover, with Wrath and Beth. Albeit, shifter instead of vamp!

Bear in mind that this is just the first scene! The sexual attraction and tension continues between these two characters when Mia begins her work experience the following week and the company is owned by the pack in which Lucas belongs.

Working so closely causes conflict within Lucas. He wants Mia just about as bad as you can possibly imagine and yet the only one for him, his mate, has been deceased for some time and he never believed that he would feel these feelings again. Maybe he even feels like he is betraying his mate? His reactions confuse Mia at times and can bring a little fear. At the same time she tries to conceal her inner wolf and yet her feelings are just as strong as Lucas’.

You find your heart pounding and blood boiling during the scenes of protection and the intensity of Lucas sets you on fire. It warms you at the same time as making your hairs stand on end as you feel the temptation and fear from Mia.

Desired is a fantastic way to start a series and gain some pretty hardcore fans. There is a brilliant storyline and amount of description packed into a full short story. It wraps up perfectly but leaving the reader wanting more. I cannot wait for the second episode!!

A copy of Desired (True Alpha #1) was provided by the author, Alisa Woods, for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

Desired (True Alpha #1) by Alisa Woods is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker