**REVIEW** Distant Love, by Layla Merritt

Sweet, Sexy and Suspenseful!

Erotic Contemporary Romance

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Kate Braxton has fallen into the role most women do by putting someone else’s needs above her own. In reality, she lives day to day unable to overcome the scars of her past to allow herself to move on with her life. Her divorce and a new job just might open the door to a brighter future for her.

Brayden Bennett is sexy and successful in the marketing firm he works for, but has been used and discarded by women, leaving him hurt and guarded. The beautiful new hire in Atlanta captures his attention in ways he didn’t think possible and he can’t help but wonder if she holds the key to his caged heart.

Kate is taking care of her ill father in Atlanta and Brayden’s son ties him to Chicago. Can they dare to dream of a future together? Can Kate survive the freak accidents that keep occurring, or will their relationship end in tragedy before they can figure out a way to be together?

My Review

Sweet, Sexy and Suspenseful!

Erotic Contemporary Romance

I highly recommend Layla Merritt’s Distant Love, which will charm you with the beautiful romance between Brayden and Kate, the hero and heroine and heat up your Kindle! It is both sexy and suspenseful and has some heartrending scenes as the hero and heroine struggle to develop and maintain their new found love for one another across the miles, against all the odds. They not only have their own strong family ties to factor into their relationship, but have a jealous ex-girlfriend and their own emotional baggage to deal with, not to mention a series of unexplained accidents that begin to befall Kate….

Yet this novel is far from doom and gloom. It contains many erotic and sensual scenes, as Brayden and Kate take full advantage of their mutual desire when they find themselves in each others’ arms. Braydon is a real hottie with a true heart who certainly knows how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom. He is bowled over by the sweet and sassy Kate when he encounters her in the course of their work.

It is a while before they meet in the flesh, having to content themselves with modern means of communication. The sexual tension therefore builds to a crescendo so that when they eventually meet the flames soon ignite in some scorching and achingly sweet scenes. Kate is juggling a new job with caring for her seriously ill father and has had her own share of tragedies and Brayden takes his responsibilities to his son very seriously, despite his ex-wife having custody.

The connection between the couple is strong physically and emotionally. Yet fate and certain individuals conspire against their HEA. Will ‘amor vincit omnia’ or will the distance, the actions of others and events outside their control shatter their chances of a future together?

There is a hugely satisfying ending, but there is clearly potential for a subsequent book. I strongly recommend Distant Love to romance readers who like sweet, sexy and suspenseful romance with erotic love making scenes between a couple deeply in love.

A copy of this novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a far and honest review.


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